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I can barely contain myself…

The skirt party was such a blast.  The mix of women was outstanding and Lisa did such a great job.  She really knows how to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.  I ordered a pencil skirt (crazy, I know) but she talked me into it and by saying it is a perfect shape to figure flatter.  She talked me into a shirt…no idea how that’ll look, but I love the shimmery fabric we chose and it matches my Fatbaby boots perfectly.  I also have the A line skirt on order with some cute trim that she’s going to chose for me.  Here is a photo of the fabric for the a line skirt.

This will be made into an A line skirt. It a rich textured fabric. I LOVE it!

Even little Aida ordered a skirt.  I also really want the jacket I showed you last post.  So, I’ll be owing her a million dollars once this is all said and done, but I can’t wait to see the finished projects.

I loved that Lisa wasn’t pushy at all, in fact she asked me to tell the gals who didn’t order anything not to feel bad.  So VERY cute of her.  I can’t wait to hear how she’s going to roll this all out.  We had such a nice chat about tailored clothes, sewing as a community connection and multi-generational relationships. I really like this woman.  I forsee a spring/summer skirt party when we bring out the dresses!!!!!  Here is her Pintrest board with tons of amazing fabrics and patterns.  I couldn’t see Aida’s skirt fabric or my shirt fabric.  Will post photos when she has them.

Skirt Party Prep

I am so excited to have the skirt party this Friday.  Some of you may remember earlier this year when I met the amazing sewist Poldapop and her beautiful fabrics.  What, you may ask, is a skirt party?  Well, Lisa fashions custom-made skirts, dresses, and handbags to each person’s specifications. You can design your own skirt, dress, or handbag with creative input from Lisa. She has a great eye for fabric and will make sure that the finished product is exactly what you want. I visited her home a couple of weeks ago to go through her fabrics and select a pattern.   I’ll be her first plus sized gal to work with and she set up a plus size board.  I can’t find the skirt pattern on her Pinterest board right now, but I do know that THIS is the next thing I hope she’ll make for me.


To see examples of Lisa’s work, visit her PoldaPop blog. You’ll see what she’s currently working on and find links to photos of the skirts, dresses, and handbags she has created for others.  She has a lot of great Pinterest boards as well.

To my local friends, if you didn’t get invited, it is only because space is very limited.  She can only handle so many projects at once.  I’ll try to have another party in the spring or contact her yourself.  I’ll happily join you!!

I have a dream…Plus Size Leggings and Tights

It is that time of year again. Fall is here and my quest for comfortable leggings and tights is upon me. Not sure how I became the woman who wears dresses and skirts all winter long, but if last year is anything like this year, I am going to need some new leg adornments. In the past, I have been hopeful about plus size tights only to find that it seems they only considered the length of the tights. Hello people, I am short and fat…adding 3 inches to the length does nothing for me. I need ample hip coverage, thighs that don’t create a tourniquet, and the proper length. Any suggestions form the plus size ladies out there would be awesome. Oh, and I’ll tell you which don’t work as I go through my quest.

Little big girls – Shopping Solutions

I have a fear.  This fear is completely contradictory to the essence of this blog, the reasons I started this in the first place.  I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I telling my mother that I hoped the genetics of my husband won over mine for her body shape.  I could die for even obessing over this, but I know and remember the challenges of being a big girl in a world that loves small.  Flash forward to today.  I have an incredible, loving, adorable, generaous, beautfiful and fantastic daughter who just started Kindergarten.    I took her out shopping for new school clothes only to find that she can’t fit into the clothes that are supposedly her size/age.  Unlike my son who has been linked to sizes based on age, she is wider than her clothes age. I was excited to find clothes at Target that fit her well, only to be disappointed that with one wash, this dress shrunk so much that she couldn’t fit into it for the second wear.  School is stressful enough, combine that with a dress that is too tight and small and you get disaster. I want you to understand that I am not at all saying that she is too big or there is something wrong with her.  What I do know is that she will likely outgrow Gymboree before she is ready.   I started to do some research.  She is in the company of a lot of other girls and boys who are bigger than age/size wear.   Do you know of any other places that our little big girls can shop?

I found the following sites:

  • It Chick Clothes
  • RealKidz
  • Jeenybeans
  • Land’s End
  • Children’s Place
  • Me=Sausage – Wetsuit=Casing

    In preparation for the lake swim this week, I had to try on the wetsuit I bought a couple of years ago for the Chicago Triathlon.  Some of you may remember that the original purchase of the wetsuit I fondly call Michelin was one the most horrible shopping experiences of my life. That was in preparation for Accenture.  Today, I am heavier and rounder than I was a couple of years ago, but I spent $200 on the thing and need to use it for this program.  The lake is 67 degrees and Thursday evening we are doing our first lake swim.  I need to try it on.  So, I went upstairs to my non air-conditioned room on the most humid night in recent history with the worst sunburn I have had since 6th grade, sprayed some goo on my ankles feet and legs and began the process of pulling the wetsuit on.  Inch by inch I progressed, I was nearly out of energy, sweat was rolling into my eyes, and I had only reached just past my knees.  This was going to be a long haul.  Pulling pushing putting twisting aching and rolling on the floor and finally, the thing was on past my ass.  With a twist and pull of the arms, over my shoulders (added tire marks to the sunburn) – but it was on.  I couldn’t get it zipped, so I went downstairs to have husband zip Michy.  It took a few minutes and some construction equipment, but finally, it was ON.  Wet sweat hair plastered on my head, I looked at my husband who asked  “Is it too big?”  I nearly killed him.  The scary part is that the whole process took over 30 minutes.  I am supposed to swim at the lake with a group of people after work.  I am NOT going to go through that workout in front of humans.  My strategy is this:  Dress in the gym at work, but only wear the suit to my waist.  Have K pick me up in front of my building.  At the beach, finish dressing and have K zip me up.  I hope it all works out and that I don’t spontaneously combust in the car or while we are waiting to start swimming.  I really question why I joined this program.

    Cycling…the early days

    My father visited this weekend.  He, my husband and I went for a long bike ride on Saturday.   When I think of my history with exercise, I typically think of the recent history, the past 4 years or so since my endeavors with the tri girls a the Y and Livfit.  But really, it is my father who inspired me to start exercise and the relationship with the bicycle.  He had been doing some serious touring with a youth and adult group for a few years.  He and the group would take off on these two week trips through the Midwest with their gear in panniers.  My first year, was the year of the big floods on the Mississippi River around St. Louis.  I regrettably didn’t take the idea of the Ozark MOUNTAINS seriously enough because I nearly died from our 70 + mile days.  But in spite of how much I really dreaded the daily cycling miles, spending time with teenagers, sleeping on church floors, 100° days and the hills, something “took”.  Since then, my father and I have had our share of memories and trips on the bikes.  It was nice to pedal away with him and my husband this weekend.  We’ll all hit the road together again for Bike the Drive.  Daddy is retiring in June, I can see many more cycling trips in the future.

    Raleigh-Durham-Craving a new playlist

    Interesting how fate works.  I felt so bad yesterday because I didn’t wake up and go for my 40 minute run.   I had an afternoon flight down to Raleigh for a work conference.  Once I  checked into my hotel, I couldn’t have been happier that I waited till the evening to sweat.  The hotel has a lovely pond and walking path around it. I managed to go a little over 40 minutes with the second 1/2 faster than the first. Though folks, I am craving some new tunes on the playlist.  Can you help me out with some music recommendations.  Even one or two new songs will help.  Anyway,  I wasn’t so dedicated to actually wake up and visit the local Y this morning, but I did do some stationary biking and wine drinking…not at the same time.

    Check out the photos from yesterday.

    These boots are made for skating

    Let’s get this straight, my neighbor is insane.  I don’t mind saying this cause she won’t ever actually read the blog.  Unlike Steve, who will read this, but I don’t like at all… but that’s neither here or there.  This neighbor comes home from a whirlwind shopping trip with skates and pads with a grin on her face from ear to ear.  Ohhh, did I ever NOT want her to bug me to get out there on my skates, practice, smile and generally foster a positive attitude about life.   Grrr.  But, late in the day she says, let’s go for a spin.  She starts talking about going to a skate park.  SKATE PARK??  Not only that, but she, in her (40 + old body) explains the etiquette and merits of skateboarding culture.  How these are the kids who respect boundaries and respect the board. I am shrinking further into my seat, into my fear zone of …. holy shit, just let me roll unsuccessfully with my husband down the street and make an ass of myself.  We get to the park…with the 5 -m 12 year olds.  Shame, I am telling you, shame.  I can hardly believe it cause I never thought I would ever be at a skate park.  I put on the Tron pads though my husband would hide his face in shme.  Without him, I knew I needed them to avoid a lifelong injury.   I was wobbly….at first.  I did a couple of laps and DID fall.  It didn’t hurt too much and really wasn’t too embarrassing except for grinning neighbor asking if she can help me up.  What the *&%$ is she going to do to help my iceberg ass off the skatepark cement?  My limit was 2 laps at a time.  My whole body would quiver by the time I was done with lap 2 due to muscle unrecognition.  But, I did at least 15 laps.  It was hell, but okay.  Neighbor didn’t want to leave, but it is a good thing myvoice of quitting reason prevailed and we returned home cause it ends up she was tired too (hah).  Now that I know of a new place where the seams in the sidewalk won’t take me out I am more motivated to get skilled in skating.  Thanks to the neighbor, I won’t have to do it alone!!!  Do you think she’ll stop her enthusiastic smile??  I personally doubt it.

    Tron Attacks

    I can’t believe how exhausting skating a block can be.  My husband walks down the street holding my hand while I attempt to skate.  I cautiously and very clumsily take tiny itty bitty steps.  Every day I get a little more confident.  I can go a little further, still not up to doing it alone though, thank goodness for  the good hubbie.   

    Yesterday I decided that I would put the knee pads on that I bought from Sin City Skates so that I could finally let go of his hand and not worry about getting hurt.  I put them on and was excited to begin when my husband starts laughing.  Really?  Okay, I know I looked a bit like a character from Tron, but seriously, wouldn’t he prefer I actually get out of this unscathed.   I took off the knee pads.  They really cover 1/2 of my leg, so I can sort of see how I might look super silly.  So, I stuck with the elbow and wrist pads plus helmet. I still looked like a goof ball, but at least the hubby could stand me.   Can’t wait to get even better….that will be a while.  I wonder why my shins hurt so much when I do this??

    Whip it Good

    You are going to be so surprised. I watched Whip It this weekend. You may remember, I had….shall we say… an experience with Roller Derby a few months back. I can still feel the twinge in my hamstring. I think the combination of the movie and the 10 out of 10 weather this weekend got to me. I decided I really do want to learn how to skate. I looked up local roller skate stores in Bloomington, Indiana where we spent Easter weekend and was pleased to find Rolling Thunder Fun Factory on 17th. Veronica was a wealth of information and helped me make the decision to forgo the iphone I have been dying for for a few years and give into the idea of learning how to skate. My daughter also caught the bug and we sprung for some skates for her as well. I bought outdoor wheels so that I can practice in the tennis courts near the house. So, in addition to my attempts to continue “running” I’ll be putting on the skates so that come next winter, I’ll be ready for some derby. I still think it would be a blast. I put the skates in and since I didn’t have any of the pads this weekend, my husband let me lean on him as I tried to skate up and down the driveway a couple of times yesterday. I tried again today. I figure if I can get on the skates a bit at a time, by the end of the summer maybe I’ll be able to go up and down the street without falling!! If you have any tips or learning hints, let me know.