Month: September 2011

Dad is great…he gives us the chocolate cake

My husband is a hero. He more often than not is the parent running around in the morning making lunches, dressing the kids, and dealing with the general chaos that 6:45 am brings. I guess then that I have little right to comment on morning cuisine choices. I try to bite my tongue most days. Today though, I had to say something. Ice cream cake? The Cosby family reinvented.



Waiting for chaos

Not sure what I was thinking but this weekend the U of E clan descends on the lake house. The weekend I planned the event was beautiful. The weather was just amazing. I decided to throw the invite out to the whole group knowing full well most wouldn’t be able to make it. To my surprise, everyone is available. Rainy forecast to boot. It’s okay though, we’ll bring stuff to occupy the kids and they’ll occupy each other to a certain extent. Here’s hoping they still find each other as charming as they did this summer!!!


Apple Picking fiasco

We decided to go apple picking this weekend. Well, let me rephrase that, I decided to bring my family apple picking. Saturday was just perfect weather for a trip to Michigan to pick apples and visit the lake. I experienced another wonderful parenting moment. On the most beautiful day of the fall, my children bickered, my husband and I couldn’t see eye to eye and we were all stuck in the car driving to Michigan. Way to go mom.