Month: July 2012

Horseback camp for someone special…

I arranged a mini horseback camp for my girl this week. Here she is with “Big Boy”. She loved it! Thanks to grandpa!!!






Kids off to camp…

The little guy was a little tender as we left him on the porch of Mohawk cabin. My girl was certainly teary eyed walking to the car with grandpa worried about her week away. We’ll see them both on Saturday, but the house did seem empty last night.


Power failure old post….

Power went out so our family like thousands of others across the Chicagoland Area are sweltering in the heat and trying to figure out what to do with all of this food we bought for the 4th celebration. I decided to go for a little stroll downtown to buy some asparagus. While walking the streets (tee hee) I came upon a park that I have often determined to be the most hideous place in the city. I will never understand why the City of Chicago created a fake greenspace. Palm trees in Chicago? This is insane. What do you think?