Month: June 2009

Where do the fat chicks shop for athlete clothes?

This is a recurring theme here.  More and more people are asking me where to get the plus size gear.  As you peruse the old posts, you’ll see that there are a variety of places out there.  I, however, have yet to find a one stop shop for all of my fat gal athletics.  I am up for posting your ideas and recent shopping attempts!!  I want the swim suits that don’t cut into the hinterlands, the tri suit that zips without requiring liposuction, the bike shorts that plain fit.  Tell me one, tell me all, where do you get your plus size action????


New Lady Ice Cream hits the road

A new bike commuter hit the  road in May.  If it didn’t still feel like winter here, I would be riding in all of the time.  I hadn’t used the bike to get to work since in the 90s.  Pitiful really.  So, this group I biked with has a path that wanders through some interesting neigborhoods.  Various street vendors shout at the group and welcome them on thier daily commute.  As one gave me a high five and cheered me on the way, he called me “new lady ice cream.”  I know he was referring to my skin color, because how could he know about my favorite food group?  Check out my new pannier I bought at Dan’s.  I got one in Maroon.  So far, so good, and it comes with a “waterproof” cover for the rainy days.  Though I must say that they day I got caught in the complete downpour the inner bike was a little damp.