Plus Size Kids Clothes

I can barely contain myself…

The skirt party was such a blast.  The mix of women was outstanding and Lisa did such a great job.  She really knows how to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.  I ordered a pencil skirt (crazy, I know) but she talked me into it and by saying it is a perfect shape to figure flatter.  She talked me into a shirt…no idea how that’ll look, but I love the shimmery fabric we chose and it matches my Fatbaby boots perfectly.  I also have the A line skirt on order with some cute trim that she’s going to chose for me.  Here is a photo of the fabric for the a line skirt.

This will be made into an A line skirt. It a rich textured fabric. I LOVE it!

Even little Aida ordered a skirt.  I also really want the jacket I showed you last post.  So, I’ll be owing her a million dollars once this is all said and done, but I can’t wait to see the finished projects.

I loved that Lisa wasn’t pushy at all, in fact she asked me to tell the gals who didn’t order anything not to feel bad.  So VERY cute of her.  I can’t wait to hear how she’s going to roll this all out.  We had such a nice chat about tailored clothes, sewing as a community connection and multi-generational relationships. I really like this woman.  I forsee a spring/summer skirt party when we bring out the dresses!!!!!  Here is her Pintrest board with tons of amazing fabrics and patterns.  I couldn’t see Aida’s skirt fabric or my shirt fabric.  Will post photos when she has them.


Little big girls – Shopping Solutions

I have a fear.  This fear is completely contradictory to the essence of this blog, the reasons I started this in the first place.  I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I telling my mother that I hoped the genetics of my husband won over mine for her body shape.  I could die for even obessing over this, but I know and remember the challenges of being a big girl in a world that loves small.  Flash forward to today.  I have an incredible, loving, adorable, generaous, beautfiful and fantastic daughter who just started Kindergarten.    I took her out shopping for new school clothes only to find that she can’t fit into the clothes that are supposedly her size/age.  Unlike my son who has been linked to sizes based on age, she is wider than her clothes age. I was excited to find clothes at Target that fit her well, only to be disappointed that with one wash, this dress shrunk so much that she couldn’t fit into it for the second wear.  School is stressful enough, combine that with a dress that is too tight and small and you get disaster. I want you to understand that I am not at all saying that she is too big or there is something wrong with her.  What I do know is that she will likely outgrow Gymboree before she is ready.   I started to do some research.  She is in the company of a lot of other girls and boys who are bigger than age/size wear.   Do you know of any other places that our little big girls can shop?

I found the following sites:

  • It Chick Clothes
  • RealKidz
  • Jeenybeans
  • Land’s End
  • Children’s Place