Month: March 2012

Perfect Day

There are days when my life is exactly how I had hoped it would be.  I am forever grateful for the perfect upbringing my parents gave me.  I can only hope to give my kids half as much as my parents gave me.  Yesterday was just that, the perfect day. We went for an early morning swim and continental breakfast.  After that, we drove around the peninsula, stopped at a play park

Goof balls, living the dream in their boat.

in Egg Harbor and headed up to Peninsula State Park for a hike.  Mind you, my daughter is one that forever scowls

She is so incredible.

and frowns as the prospect of hiking, walking or any other cardiovascular activity.  But, she decided she’d join us.  I decided to choose the difficult trail.  I’ve wanted to take that trail ever since a bike trip with my father years ago in the park led to my only bike wreck to date.  Me and that tree had it out…the tree won, my front brake lost.  The hike was amazing.

Aida hiking like a pro.

So awesome.

In honor of my Swedish heritage and desire to see the goats on top of the restaurant, we headed to Johnson’s in Sister Bay for a late lunch, meatballs, potato pancakes, eggs, tomato dill soup, crackers, french toast (and that’s just Jonah’s meal).  Great meal and Aida bought a little goat to memorialize the event.

Played at a park and then headed back to the condo to relax and hang out at the pool.

I am so grateful for this fabulous family of mine.  The sassy spirit and dedicated partnership we have is


incredible.  Thank you God.