The end of the mullet

Getting this mullet cut today.




What is Zumba?

Though I knew nothing about it when I registered, I now understand that Zumba is some Latin fitness program that uses dance and aerobics.  I am confident that my 5 year dedication to “So You Think You Can Dance” will pay off.   Since Zumba incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and Bollywood (Katee & Joshua!!!), I am certain the Wednesdays spent watching dancing talent on TV, sipping a glass of wine or beer and eating fried dough will pay off.   Squats, lunges and martial arts are apparently also included in the line up.  These don’t excite me nearly as much as the mambo.  I seem to remember some pretty sore hamstrings post basketball court lunging.  Nevertheless,  I will be interesting.  Hopefully no lifts will be required.

fat woman working out doing sit ups

Me, working out. Special thanks to Afton for the "spot-on" depiction of me.

Stay tuned for the results.

I’m still fat–back to the root of it all

I shared the blog a few days ago with a colleague.  She was so down and out about life and weight and her doctor….I remembered myself from a few years ago.  Scared to go to the doctor, scared to not diet.  I know the statistics, I read about them every day in the mainstream media.  Next to the gulf oil spill, the fat epidemic is the hottest news story out there.  “HOW BIG IS YOUR FAT?”  “HOW THICK IS YOUR NECK” “FAT PEOPLE ARE SUPER SUPER UNHEALTHY”

I’ll not spend too much time talking about this issue.  Anyone who knows me or comes here to read knows that I am over the fat frenzy.  The diet talk and calorie counting makes me sleep.  But I understand, there are those out there who have yet to read about the benefits of Health at Every Size.  For that reason, I repost.  Here are some links.  There are tons out there.  Just look around for it.  Here are the links:

A study done by the USDA…very interesting.

  • Health at Every Size–Linda Bacon’s Page

  • Health at Every Size: Toward a New Paradigm of Weight and Healtharticlet on Medscape

  • Remember the mantra……………………………….

    And remember the mantra:

    • I am not what I eat…I’m what I do and what I say.
    • I am not how much I weigh or how much I’ve gained or how much I’ve lost.
    • Changing my shape and size isn’t going to make me happy, however, may make me poor, as I will have to buy new clothes.
    • Having happy thoughts about me, you and the world will make me a better person.
    • I respectfully decline to discuss your size, my size, her size or his size in any way…unless it makes you or me laugh and isn’t hurtful to anyone.
    • I will eat what I want, and move on—slowly or quickly depends on what I ate.
    • Being healthy doesn’t mean being thin.  Being fat doesn’t mean unhealthy.


    Gotcha!!!  NO, there is no baby in my belly, however, a drunk neighbor congratulated me last week.  I was so confused I had no idea why I was being congratulated.  Of course she blamed it on the wind blowing my sweater away from my body, then she blamed it on her consumption of a bottle of “MERLOT!” (spoken with a slur)  Her announcement didn’t faze me at all.  It clearly made the rest of the folks hanging out in the alley drinking feel bad for me.  (man, the images you must have of me and my neighbors…)  I am not embarrassed about the way I look.  My body is mine and I am happy with the way it is right now.  I may have nervous breakdowns about parenting, bills, pressure, but nothing about the way I look makes me feel uncomfortable, unless my pants are unzipped and I don’t know it.

    Cycling…the early days

    My father visited this weekend.  He, my husband and I went for a long bike ride on Saturday.   When I think of my history with exercise, I typically think of the recent history, the past 4 years or so since my endeavors with the tri girls a the Y and Livfit.  But really, it is my father who inspired me to start exercise and the relationship with the bicycle.  He had been doing some serious touring with a youth and adult group for a few years.  He and the group would take off on these two week trips through the Midwest with their gear in panniers.  My first year, was the year of the big floods on the Mississippi River around St. Louis.  I regrettably didn’t take the idea of the Ozark MOUNTAINS seriously enough because I nearly died from our 70 + mile days.  But in spite of how much I really dreaded the daily cycling miles, spending time with teenagers, sleeping on church floors, 100° days and the hills, something “took”.  Since then, my father and I have had our share of memories and trips on the bikes.  It was nice to pedal away with him and my husband this weekend.  We’ll all hit the road together again for Bike the Drive.  Daddy is retiring in June, I can see many more cycling trips in the future.

    Sunny running

    Training updates here.  Since the last training post, there has been some progress…last Saturday we were up to 7.5 sunny miles at the lake.  Beautiful and refreshing.  I don’t mean to sound like an ad for Sprite, but it was an amazing day.  I am not saying here that I wasn’t exhausted and sore at the end, but the day was fantastic.  My gma pal K totally irritated me with her ability to “join in”.  Yes folks, she just decided that morning to do the full run walk with us.  She completed the run with us and was in much better shape than I was.  How did she do that?  My point being this, just because you didn’t run yesterday, doesn’t mean you can’t run today.

    Call 2009 my + 1 year

    The other night I was drawn to thoughts of the blog I created and haven’t kept up. Sorry this has been the case. I feel a little guilty writing about this topic since my mantra and much of the content has shifted in the past few months. My attempts at remaining active and healthy have become lame excuses for not working out and eating.  The year hasn’t been a complete loss though.  I have learned some lessons, made some new friends and gained some things (pounds, years and pant sizes)  It’s been a plus one year all around.  Here are a few things I learned this year. 

    1. Somtimes, people throw rocks at you.
    2. Biking to work is one of the funnest, best ways to excercise. (Now STOP SNOWING!!)
    3. You can get bigger than your biggest fat pants.
    4. I still get surprised when people call me names, to be specific, ass and bitch.
    5. Reconnecting with old friends isn’t always a good thing.  Most time you realize you didn’t have anything in common in the first place.   
    6. The Wii Fit is completely ineffective if you never use it.
    7. Sometimes mantras have to be rewritten because I can’t get my ass off the couch.
    8. I can’t keep my knees together.
    9. Midway and O’hare both have Delta…but they fly different places.
    10. If I don’t drive them all crazy first, friends and family are the best things I’ve got going for me.

    I’ll be ringing in the new year with a bottle of bubbly and some great apps.  Thinking of ways to move it next year.  Till then….Happy New Year to all of you.

    I want my MAJAMAS!!!

    I actually believe that plus size women want to wear stylish clothes. I know this is shocking to the world that the big girls would like to wear something that doesn’t look like a table cloth or oversized  Hanes t-shirt dress. We like to look good and feel good in our clothes. I have seen some cute clothes on the racks of stores that ignore my bigness. It seems to me that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch (no pun intended) to tailor some for the big girl.

    A local designer and chic wear specialist told me last week that we (meaning fat girls) don’t buy the clothes. “I couldn’t give the plus sized stuff away.” she said. I would have loved to have been there when she was passing these items out.

    I am telling you and the rest of the world. We are dying for the cute clothes, especially in those fabrics you have over there lady Majama.  Make a Rosarito and a Genevieve in my size!! Give me a Cabo or a Quince!!! Give us a try once again. Throw in some yoga pants, leggings and other stuff and we’ll even wear it!!

    Maybe we’ll even help you market it!!!!

    Ask and you shall receive

    I have been commuting to work on bike this summer.  I wear these bike shorts every day that I commute, they are awesome.  I love the inside leg hem detail…it is a great little feature and reminder of the designer.   The colleague that I ride in with asked me if I was going to continue this adventure through the winter.  I was completely dumbfounded because….hello….I live in Chicago, so the rides in will be quite chilly.  I started to think about how I am going to dress myself for the cold ass weather.  I started to do some reasearch online and remembered the folks from Aero Tech Designs.  I wondered if they might be willing to help a big girl out.  So, I posed a question to the owner to see how she feels about cold weather tights for plus size bikers.  Lo and behold, I get a message back from her, almost immediately asking if I would be willing to sample some clothes, give her feedback and by winter, she’ll have some plus size winter wear.  Gals, guys, I am here to tell you that we need to start asking for things.  This just took a simple e-mail.  I am going to blog about this in the coming weeks to let you know how the experience has been.  In the meantime, if you want some bike wear gear, check them out.

    September 2, 2009

    Received a great little package from Aerotech to take a look at their tights and try them out.  What fantastic material.  Just as strong and flexible as the shorts that I own.  I love them.  The padding is great and made my hilly weekend ride very comfortable.  Each pair of tights is hemmable so that people like me (shorties) can have them hemmed or hem them on their own.  I gave Cathy some other suggestions for improvement, we’ll see which, if any, were helpful.  I thought the sizing was a tad off, but that could just be that my butt has been getting bigger over the past year.  I couldn’t tell if they were true to the 2X sizing they said they were.  LOVED them though, and loved the idea that there may be some winter wear coming from aerotech for the big girls.  Can’t wait to hear what she says!!