Month: November 2012

When I opened the package today, and I saw that thing, I was like.. “yay!”

I have been on a quest lately to find high quality tailored clothes that rock and wear like art.  So, I went a little Etsy hunting and got this piece that I LOVE so much I almost don’t want to share it with you cause I don’t want anyone else in my neighborhood wearing it.  But, alas, I have to share the details.

The dress I fell in love with on Concertino.

In late September I found the shop Concertino.    Her tag line says “all items in my shop can be make plus size!”  I LOVE this woman.  I was curious to see what she could make in plus size, what she couldn’t, how she could tailor and change items to make them exactly how I want.  For all of these questions I got immediate, polite responses.  I headed out to a tailor and had all of my measurements taken (which I keep with me all of the time….just in case I see something great.)  On October 16, I e-mailed my order to Concertino with my measurements and a special request to make the front of the dress a little longer than is shown in the photo.  She promptly sent me an invoice and added $9 for the customization.  She kept in constant contact with me, updated me when it was in the mail and sent a tracking number.  Yesterday when I opened the package I was seriously jumping for joy.  The dress is a piece of art.  I have had  compliments on it already.   I don’t want to take it off.

Me in my dress. In my head, I look JUST like the girl above. 

I am going to order a coat.  I have to have one.  So beautiful.


I can barely contain myself…

The skirt party was such a blast.  The mix of women was outstanding and Lisa did such a great job.  She really knows how to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.  I ordered a pencil skirt (crazy, I know) but she talked me into it and by saying it is a perfect shape to figure flatter.  She talked me into a shirt…no idea how that’ll look, but I love the shimmery fabric we chose and it matches my Fatbaby boots perfectly.  I also have the A line skirt on order with some cute trim that she’s going to chose for me.  Here is a photo of the fabric for the a line skirt.

This will be made into an A line skirt. It a rich textured fabric. I LOVE it!

Even little Aida ordered a skirt.  I also really want the jacket I showed you last post.  So, I’ll be owing her a million dollars once this is all said and done, but I can’t wait to see the finished projects.

I loved that Lisa wasn’t pushy at all, in fact she asked me to tell the gals who didn’t order anything not to feel bad.  So VERY cute of her.  I can’t wait to hear how she’s going to roll this all out.  We had such a nice chat about tailored clothes, sewing as a community connection and multi-generational relationships. I really like this woman.  I forsee a spring/summer skirt party when we bring out the dresses!!!!!  Here is her Pintrest board with tons of amazing fabrics and patterns.  I couldn’t see Aida’s skirt fabric or my shirt fabric.  Will post photos when she has them.

Skirt Party Prep

I am so excited to have the skirt party this Friday.  Some of you may remember earlier this year when I met the amazing sewist Poldapop and her beautiful fabrics.  What, you may ask, is a skirt party?  Well, Lisa fashions custom-made skirts, dresses, and handbags to each person’s specifications. You can design your own skirt, dress, or handbag with creative input from Lisa. She has a great eye for fabric and will make sure that the finished product is exactly what you want. I visited her home a couple of weeks ago to go through her fabrics and select a pattern.   I’ll be her first plus sized gal to work with and she set up a plus size board.  I can’t find the skirt pattern on her Pinterest board right now, but I do know that THIS is the next thing I hope she’ll make for me.


To see examples of Lisa’s work, visit her PoldaPop blog. You’ll see what she’s currently working on and find links to photos of the skirts, dresses, and handbags she has created for others.  She has a lot of great Pinterest boards as well.

To my local friends, if you didn’t get invited, it is only because space is very limited.  She can only handle so many projects at once.  I’ll try to have another party in the spring or contact her yourself.  I’ll happily join you!!