Month: May 2011

Not tired….RETIRED!!!

The ribbon inspired the whole thing. I made the seashell candies on top. I think it is beautiful. I hope she does too.



A colleague and long term friend of mine is retireing next week.  I have partaken in just a few drinks over the course of the last couple of weeks in her honor.  She made the well planned decision a few years back to buy a place on Amelia Island in Florida to move to upon retirement–never a fan of Chicago winters.  I’ll be headed out to another celebration this evening for her.  Last week,  post-Blue Moon I agreed to bake a cake this week for her.  This time it is for a girlfriends’ retirement.  Headed out to Micheal’s today to get some ideas.  I am excited to bring out the pans, boards and bowls.  I am considering an island theme….

Oh my haunted past

These digital times have benefits. I love the fact that I can go online and shop for everything from a tiny replica of Chitty Bang Bang to a new sofa. But this social media creep-me-out hunt-to-find-out-things are sometimes hard to stomach. I have been “friended” by non-friends and then “defriended” by them in a matter of weeks. The electronic “wiedeling” is only a fraction easier than the real life, face to face time. (to wiedel someone is to stop being friends with them with no explanation, a word I made up after a friend with the name did it to me) I appreciate the ability to spy into ex boyfriends, and frenemies’ lives but I have yet to find someone through Facebook that has rejuvenated a friendship beyond the electronic one. We’ll see though, recently I was friended by someone I had completely lost touch with. We had no falling out in our past, though I do vaguely remember something about a boy and his sweater. But regardless, fast forward to today and ironically we live in the same community. I believe I have purchased jewelry made by her at a local boutique and I am sure we know some of the same people, I mean here, it is impossible not to. We’re gonna have coffee soon—not virtually.