Tron Attacks

I can’t believe how exhausting skating a block can be.  My husband walks down the street holding my hand while I attempt to skate.  I cautiously and very clumsily take tiny itty bitty steps.  Every day I get a little more confident.  I can go a little further, still not up to doing it alone though, thank goodness for  the good hubbie.   

Yesterday I decided that I would put the knee pads on that I bought from Sin City Skates so that I could finally let go of his hand and not worry about getting hurt.  I put them on and was excited to begin when my husband starts laughing.  Really?  Okay, I know I looked a bit like a character from Tron, but seriously, wouldn’t he prefer I actually get out of this unscathed.   I took off the knee pads.  They really cover 1/2 of my leg, so I can sort of see how I might look super silly.  So, I stuck with the elbow and wrist pads plus helmet. I still looked like a goof ball, but at least the hubby could stand me.   Can’t wait to get even better….that will be a while.  I wonder why my shins hurt so much when I do this??



  1. because you’re essentially wearing 5lb weights on your toes. 😉

    you also might be using your toes to push off, or curling them in your skates. but pushing through your heels to propel yourself is a lesson for once you feel a little better about your balance….

  2. Alright, now I am reading your blog every day…I think that we need to do some skating on Girls weekend. I tried a couple times to skate with the kids (Nate does roller hockey) and I am petrified but it is something that I want to get back to. I am afraid to break a hip in my old age!!

  3. you name the tennis court, and i’ll come out and make an ass of myself so you’ll feel better. 😉

    (i’ve been on skates i think 5 times since my “nine month injury” was born nearly 4 years ago — it’s shameful, but i was aspiring for a sprint distance tri during that time… which, shamefully also did not happen.)

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