Month: November 2011


Short Fat Haircut


Whirl wind Hoosier weekend

As mentioned earlier, my usual trips to Indiana revolve around the tv and the fridge with a stop or two in the community. This last minute trip of mine was packed. I am so lucky to have this husband who understands that there are times I want to be with my parents without husband and children. Here are the highlights:
1. Saw Red Hot Patriot, the Molly Ivins story.
2. Had family dinner with some old friends at a local Chinese buffet.
3. Shopped at a second hand store for kids clothing and really struck gold.
4. Cooked meatloaf and mashed potato meal for Arlington United Methodist Men.
5. Watched presentation of Guatemalan mission house building project.
6. Drove to the farmhouse restaurant in brown county for a meal and excellent peach cobbler.
7. Visited the uncommon Gourd and watched a falcon release.
8. Went to three craft fairs.
9. Watched my mother perform in a play.
10. Took megabus.
11. Ate at FARM, twice! Delicious!!!
12. Tried sugar craft.
13. Visited with my younger sister.
14. Went to City Market downtown Indy.
15. Went to optometrist to order new glasses.
16. Bought new sweater.
17. Took some car naps.

Here are photos from the weekend. What a great, but exhausting time.



There’s more than Corn in Indiana

I know this is true, but did you?  My experiences this week have reminded me of this fact.  Today I ate the best meal I have ever had in Indiana.   I’ve had family in Bloomington for years and we love to go out to eat.  This afternoon my father and I decided to try something different from our normal fare and went to Farm.

Farm: 108 Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, Indiana

Both of us agree, this was the best food we’ve had in Bloomington, period.  Chef/Owner Daniel Orr uses local and organic products and produce to make a mean breakfast.  My dad ordered a grape, walnut and goat cheese omlette (I thought it sounded insane) and I ordered the Hoosier biscuits and gravy made with sausage and sweet peppers.  We ate everything on our plates and had to order another biscuit which was incredible.

The best biscuit I have ever eaten crunchy crispy on the outside and light on the inside.

I commented that I wished we could turn back the clock to when we first entered the restaurant so that I could order and eat the same thing again.   We had reservations at another restaurant tonight, but we’ll be returning to Farm.  The coffee counter at FarmT

Continued Hoosier flair at Farm.

racey Walker, the Regional Events manager was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.  If you are in the Bloomington area, you MUST eat here.

Saving Falcons…for real this time!

This week I visited my parent’s in Southern Indiana for perhaps the most busy few days of the year.  Typically when I visit, we do a lot of lounging around the house, watching movies and playing video games.  This time it was a whirlwind of activities…enough for it’s own blog entry.  We stopped by local artist, Rosey Bolte of The Uncommon Gourd, who makes folk-painted gourds.

The Uncommon Gourd Studio

She told us that volunteers from the Indiana Raptor Center would shortly arrive  to release 3 young falcons back into the wild.  We decided to stick around for the show.  Here is a 4 minute video that captures the experience and features my father getting his finger bitten and me repeating the word “wow” over and over.  This rendition of saving a falcon was much more successful than my previous attempt.

Party Cake Update – Webkinz Hell

So the sister’s wedding cake was difficult to make, but this one was a close second. While the idea of a W to place little marzipan animals on in a normal world would not have been difficult this is how I went wrong.
1. I waited too long to ice the cake,
2. I made the crumb coat too thick and thus used too much of the frosting, leaving me short handed on the frosting front, which I was deliberately trying NOT to do.
3. I dropped 1/2 of the W. It wasn’t a complete disaster because I had the W on a piece of cardboard I cut out to fit the cake perfectly, but it did sort of implode a bit.
4. I reviewed the “W” image on my iphone and it looked just like the cake I made, but the one from the real Webkinz page was not the same.
5. I barely had enough frosting to cover the cake. I had to scrape bits of frosting from the bowls to re do and touch up the frosted bits. I didn’t finish till 1:00. a.m.

le” columns=”2″]
The party itself was a huge success. We had a webkinz word search for the kids to do, kinzcash for the kids with our 7 year old girl and our dog’s face, we had an old fashioned scavenger hunt around the neighborhood with plenty of parent volunteers to help out. It was a great day. I was in bed by 9:00 pm.
The girl had an amazing party. It was super fun.