Month: February 2011

Random drive by

Today is valentine’s day. I don’t get too caught up in the candy and flowers, but my husband did get me a bouquet and make me a yummy stew. Nice things. As i walked the dog through the neighborhood I saw a girlfriend getting dinner ready through the window. Not to seem creepy, but I felt compelled to stop by. I walked to the front door and waited for her to answer. I can’t tell you how strange it felt to just drop in like that. She seemed happy that I did. I decided I would try stopping by another house. A little uncertain of the address I was pretty embarrassed to find it was the completely wrong house. Lisa C? I thought you were one from the corner. Regardless, I’m gonna make a habit of doing stop ins more often. I got an invite for girl’s night!! You can’t take the Hoosier out of me!


Pitiful me….I blame the blizzard.

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When facebook was young I got into that petsociety game.  I created a little cat named the budge and I visited, cleaned him, fed him, made him a house, etc.  The first few days it was fun, but it started to feel like work, like an obligation and I developed guilt about the budge.  My daughter LOVED to clean him and feed him so it was great to just stick her in front of the computer to work away at caring for my pet.  Lately, I have had similar problems with the blog.  I know it is here,  I know I worked so hard last year to be consistent, but I am really bad at updates.  Unless my daughter can learn to write, she can’t help me out here.  I really blame the blizzard for throwing me off.

Here is to a renewed effort.  I think of stories to write all of the time, funny little things to share. 

Here are a couple of shots of the blizzard and post blizzard family bed.