Month: February 2012

Get Your SKIRT ON!

Hah, that got your attention huh?  Here we usher in PoldaPop designs, a fabulous online resource for all things sew.  She’s a Berwyn mom who needed a creative outlet that deals with tangible, usable things.  She was kind enough to stop by the house this weekend to have a mimosa, I mean to drop off some information and a lovely clutch similar to this one

A clutch like this one by PoldPop will be available at the auction.

for the Irving Auction THIS SATURDAY.  It was nice to meet someone so willing to donate time (which is something we are all short of) and effort to deliver her beautiful, handmade item.
I am excited to host one of her skirt parties.  Yep, you heard it right, Skirt Party!!  This summer.  Make a comment here  if you’d like to come to my house for drink and skirts in the future.


More Art to Peddle at the Auction

There have been so many amazing donations over the past few days.  I have to say, sending my husband to the auction to bid for me is going to be a tad on the crazy side.  I took a bus to the near south loop this afternoon to pick up this piece, “coming and going #4” by local artist Darren Thompson.

Coming and Going #4

He works with special needs kids at a technical school and agreed to meet me there.  His work is so urban lively.  I love the funk and attitude he brings to his paintings.  This one just may be hanging on my wall on Saturday evening.


Couple of Saturday’s ago, I was lucky to meet up with another Etsy artist, Lesa Davis who has a textile art business called No Small Plans.  She was nice enough to travel from Rogers Park to hand deliver her carefully crafted textile to me for the school silent auction.  My daughter and I invited her to enjoy breakfast with us at The Buzz.  I was so proud to share this special place with her.  The Farmer’s Market band was playing (and not too loud for my aging ears), there were nice works of art all over the walls, many familiar faces.  Davis is an artist by night but a biological anthropologist by day. (I didn’t even know that was a profession) She teaches classes at Northeastern with titles like Skeletons in Chicago’s Closets, Forensic Anthropology and Field Museum Research.  She researches bones and joints in different primates, including the ever adorable tamarin. My daughter, the hopeful veterinarian LOVED talking with her.

We talked yarn, beads, and the importance of art.  I dropped her off at A Bead in Hand so she could see a bit more of our Arts District and put some of Oak Park in her next work.  I hope you’ll buy something from her. Her work is beautiful.  As you can see…

Better yet bid on her donated art.  (website coming soon)

Julianne Ingles of InglesArt

I didn’t know I was going to get the chance to meet so many cool and amazing artists during this fundraiser. It makes me so proud to see what people are giving to this cause that they have made with their own hands. I was luck enough to meet Julianne Ingles of InglesArt at her friend’s studio and home in Lakeview. She has just returned to the states from a long stint in England. Writer and painter she was warm, curious about our fundraiser and excited to participate. It was very hard for me to choose between the 4 paintings. There were two that called my name. At first, the other was louder, but Bottle #1 shown here prevailed.

I am so happy to have met her. I hope to show her around Oak Park in a few weeks.




I met the diabolical hot dog guy the other day. I am sure you know his stuff from Nerfect.

The cool thing was that I took my son to his house to pick up items he’s going to donate to the Washington Irving Auction. He gave us some really awesome pieces of art. More importantly though, he gave my son (a budding creative spirit) insight into the life of an artist. I am hoping that Mr. Walter’s spotless Berwyn bungalow also gave him some inspiration, but I doubt it. These works below will be available. I’ll let you know when you can bid….oh, and the diabolical hot dog will not be up for auction.

Fundraising Continues…

I am obsessed with soliciting donations to the fun fair silent auction. See the local businesses that are donating items here. The thing is that I am not even on the committee. Oh well, I have been getting such a great response. Now I can’t stop. I’ve been contacting local Etsy crafters and artists. They have been awesome!

Each of these guys have agreed to donate something. Go to the links. Let’s make them see it’s worth it. Who wouldn’t want some of this stuff???

Brenda Abdullah Designs
make No Small Plans
Darren Thompson fine art
Love Felt Creations
Rebecca Plotnick Photography
Form Work(Irving Mom)
Uniquely Crafty
Aliz Mikesell Designs (oddly enough I went to high school with Alix)
Fresh and Modern Quilts
Berwyn Betty’s Bath Shop
Baking Cake
Me Wear A whopping $100 gift certificate!! (she went to Irving!!!!)
Nancy and Burt
Pinwheel Anna
Sew Collision
Crafty Chicks
Polda Pop Designs She’s trying to draw hits to her new blog!
Pigs in Scarves
The White Iris Boutique
Sunshine Corner
The Littlest Owl
Dream Attic
Mindsimedia (another Irving alumnus)

Now I’m losing money. I just had to buy this from the shop. Soooo cute!