Short Fat Pixie Haircut

Just wanted to say, I am still loving the haircut.  It is great to wake up and not have to do a think to my hair to get ready.  Since the July chopoff, I have had it cut shorter and shorter.  It is a sense of freedom!  Those of you out there on the fence should give it a try. 

Here is a recent picture of me and my do.




  1. Hey! Just came across your blog while doing searches. I was looking for pics to take with me when I got a hair cut and I searched “fat girl haircuts.” (My best friend and I are pretty active in the HAAS movement.) Anyway, for no real reason, I wanted to comment and tel you I ❤ your hair and show you what I wound up with. ^_^ If you wanna ignore it/delete it/whatever, go for it.

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