Gotcha!!!  NO, there is no baby in my belly, however, a drunk neighbor congratulated me last week.  I was so confused I had no idea why I was being congratulated.  Of course she blamed it on the wind blowing my sweater away from my body, then she blamed it on her consumption of a bottle of “MERLOT!” (spoken with a slur)  Her announcement didn’t faze me at all.  It clearly made the rest of the folks hanging out in the alley drinking feel bad for me.  (man, the images you must have of me and my neighbors…)  I am not embarrassed about the way I look.  My body is mine and I am happy with the way it is right now.  I may have nervous breakdowns about parenting, bills, pressure, but nothing about the way I look makes me feel uncomfortable, unless my pants are unzipped and I don’t know it.