Saving Falcons…for real this time!

This week I visited my parent’s in Southern Indiana for perhaps the most busy few days of the year.  Typically when I visit, we do a lot of lounging around the house, watching movies and playing video games.  This time it was a whirlwind of activities…enough for it’s own blog entry.  We stopped by local artist, Rosey Bolte of The Uncommon Gourd, who makes folk-painted gourds.

The Uncommon Gourd Studio

She told us that volunteers from the Indiana Raptor Center would shortly arrive  to release 3 young falcons back into the wild.  We decided to stick around for the show.  Here is a 4 minute video that captures the experience and features my father getting his finger bitten and me repeating the word “wow” over and over.  This rendition of saving a falcon was much more successful than my previous attempt.


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