Whirl wind Hoosier weekend

As mentioned earlier, my usual trips to Indiana revolve around the tv and the fridge with a stop or two in the community. This last minute trip of mine was packed. I am so lucky to have this husband who understands that there are times I want to be with my parents without husband and children. Here are the highlights:
1. Saw Red Hot Patriot, the Molly Ivins story.
2. Had family dinner with some old friends at a local Chinese buffet.
3. Shopped at a second hand store for kids clothing and really struck gold.
4. Cooked meatloaf and mashed potato meal for Arlington United Methodist Men.
5. Watched presentation of Guatemalan mission house building project.
6. Drove to the farmhouse restaurant in brown county for a meal and excellent peach cobbler.
7. Visited the uncommon Gourd and watched a falcon release.
8. Went to three craft fairs.
9. Watched my mother perform in a play.
10. Took megabus.
11. Ate at FARM, twice! Delicious!!!
12. Tried sugar craft.
13. Visited with my younger sister.
14. Went to City Market downtown Indy.
15. Went to optometrist to order new glasses.
16. Bought new sweater.
17. Took some car naps.

Here are photos from the weekend. What a great, but exhausting time.




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