Party Cake Update – Webkinz Hell

So the sister’s wedding cake was difficult to make, but this one was a close second. While the idea of a W to place little marzipan animals on in a normal world would not have been difficult this is how I went wrong.
1. I waited too long to ice the cake,
2. I made the crumb coat too thick and thus used too much of the frosting, leaving me short handed on the frosting front, which I was deliberately trying NOT to do.
3. I dropped 1/2 of the W. It wasn’t a complete disaster because I had the W on a piece of cardboard I cut out to fit the cake perfectly, but it did sort of implode a bit.
4. I reviewed the “W” image on my iphone and it looked just like the cake I made, but the one from the real Webkinz page was not the same.
5. I barely had enough frosting to cover the cake. I had to scrape bits of frosting from the bowls to re do and touch up the frosted bits. I didn’t finish till 1:00. a.m.

le” columns=”2″]
The party itself was a huge success. We had a webkinz word search for the kids to do, kinzcash for the kids with our 7 year old girl and our dog’s face, we had an old fashioned scavenger hunt around the neighborhood with plenty of parent volunteers to help out. It was a great day. I was in bed by 9:00 pm.
The girl had an amazing party. It was super fun.



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