I could barely get my fat ass up that hill

So, I know, a couple of weeks have passed since the hilly hundred.  I have to say that honestly, I was in better shape for this last year.  I thought the first hill was going to kill me dead.  I mean it you people out there.  This fat girl was screaming.  But, as the body warmed up and the realization that it is harder to walk up the hills than ride became ever clearer, I walked less and pushed more.  Our group didn’t do the full 100.  We did 50, but we had fun and were beat by the end.  

I was amazed to see all of the different bikes, the different people and sizes, the costumes.  The southern Indiana crowd treated us well.  But, what I am here to tell you is this.  There is a cycling company out there that has bike clothes for full figured, plus size people.  Most of all, I am happy to report that this expo actually had plus size clothes. 

I can’t believe that in the months I have been doing this blog I have forgotten them, but alas, what to do.  So, here is what I know…..Last year I bought a pair of their cycling shorts, I wore them all season and they are still in great condition.  I bought a second pair at an expo this year.  I get the plus size Pro Bike Shorts.  The bonus is that they won’t completely break the bank.  You can see their stuff at their web page www.aerotechdesigns.com


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