Plus Size Halloween Costume Fiasco

I was so excited to open the box for the plus size Jedi costume.  The ads online indicated it would pretty much fit any size.  I wasn’t even concerned it would fit me because it had my size written on the package.  I pulled the pants out of the package and optimistically started to try them on.  The struggle was with the faux boot like things that wouldn’t pull up over my large calfs.  So, imagine my husband trying to pull the pants up from the waist while the outfit just keeps getitng tighter and tighter around the legs.  It was quite a site to see really. 

So, we decide to switch costumes, cause his fits me.  Only he looks like a girlie jedi in the plus size womens outfit.  So, I ended up exchanging the order.  I was a little discouraged by the lack of sizes and the fact that even when plus size clothes seem to come in my size…..they sometimes don’t fit.


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