Short Fat Girl gets short short hair

I have wanted short hair for a long time now.  Very short hair.  Last week, a girlfriend told me she had seen a woman at the pool with my build (aka fat) and my face (aka round and full moonish) with a short little boy haircut and it looked awesome.  I was so excited to hear this.  You see, I am of the “you can’t have short hair if you are fat” generation.  I don’t know if our mothers told us that, our peers, our hairdressers or who, but I felt inspired.  The next day, I did some research online about fat girls with short haircuts.  I found a few blogs, some web pages for weight loss….interesting how that always seems to pop up when I type fat……and I finally found this entry on the Shapely Prose (lol your fat)blog.  She struggles to find a person who will cut her hair and not give her grief.  Check out her head gals…she rocks.  So, I drum up all of my strength and make an appointment at a local salon.  I am completely prepared to go tete a tete with anyone who might comment on my size vs. the size of my hair.  I mean, how much of my fat does my hair really cover up anyway? 

I go to the salon armed with a printout of the entire blog about her haircut, plus her photo.   Leo washes my hair and asks what I want to do with my hair today.  I tell him I want to cut it all off.  Leo proceeds to tell me how great I am going to look with short hair.  That my hair is going to be like art.  Then, he puts his hands around his head, like they are earmuffs and says….”What do you think this is doing for you anyway?”  He is referring to the curls that bush from my head. 

Since I got the haircut about a million compliments.  Only three “negatives”.  I think people are confused about who I am with this new do!!!  I’ll post a photo tonight. 

Till then.  Call me pixie!!!

This is my short fat haircut

This is my short fat haircut



  1. I really like your cut. You actually look alot like me, especially the eyes, nose and shape of your face. I too have always wanted to get a short, short cut and now I think you have inspired me. You look cute as button and free… free… free…

  2. I think you look flippin adorable with the short hair!! But having seen your hair in all lengths, all curls, all colors, I will say that my fav is curlie mid length. When I think of you, I still see the little “Shirley Temple” headed girl. That’s why my prefernce goes in that direction. Maybe I need to update my mental image? What do you think?

  3. I just read your blog and I must say you have inspired me…All through high school I had short hair like you and heard comments like “butch” and “dike”…I personally loved my hair…Now 10 yrs after graduating I am going to cut my hair short again…Thanks to you. You look awesome!

  4. Thanks for much for this post! Even before I was fat, I always had a large frame and round face. I’ve always LOVED short boyish hairstyles, but seemed to notice it was always these tiny, skinny little things that looked cute with pixie haircuts. I just didn’t think I could pull it off. Nevertheless, being the tomboy that I am, I cut my hair very short many times throughout my teen years. After a 5 year stint of growing my hair out to mid-back length, I decided for good that it really wasn’t me (and my fine thin hair doesn’t really work long anyway), so I cut it all off again. I’ve now been on a search to find a short hairstyle that will suit me. I always get excited when I see plus size women sporting cute short cuts! It CAN be done!

    Both you and the blogger you mentioned look great! I can’t wait to go in for my appointment this weekend!

  5. BRAVO!! I am a short haired fat girl myself. Occasionally I will listen to the media hype and force myself to grow out my curly frizzy hair only to find that it makes me feel old and frumpy making me run at warp speed for the nearest hair salon and the comfort of my short hair. I LOVE knowing that with my short hair I am never going to look like every other soccer mom in the room. You look great…!!!

  6. Hey folks…if you want the haircut and live in the Chicago area, see Michelle at Body and Soul on Van Buren in Chicago or Leo at Salon 212 in Oak Park. They both do a bang up (no pun intended) job with my do.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this blog!
    About 3 years ago I was very slim and use to have what was know as a “Pob” (you know the one I mean ladies, Posh spices short bob type hair do!) which I loved, But then I got very ill and put on alot of weight as a result of surgery and a hormone imbalance. I’m now a UK size 20-22. When I started gettin big I let my hair grow out and it now way past my shoulders, but I bloody hate it! I get too hot trying to blow dry and style it so most of the time I just clip it up or hide it under a baseball hat!
    I decided this morning I wish I had short hair again, but straight away the old saying of “Fat girls shouldn’t have short hair” popped into my head! So I went on google and your blog come up, I really think your hair suits you and thank you so much for giving me the confidence to be more comfortable. I have found a hairstyle I REALLY like, its not elfin, more like a very short flicky bob and as soon as I get paid I’m marching down to my hair dressers to get it down, Keeping my fingers crossed I get a hair dresser as nice as Leo!

  8. I just got my haircut and I have the same shaped face as you. my gram cut it but not the way I wanted it but I still like it. But now my little sister laugh at me and I kind of want to glue my hair back on. I was going to go on my bike and ride it with my hat on and when my littler sisters came in my house to see my haircut they laughed at me. It may sound stupid like this but I get emotional alot and when someone makes fun of me I cry.

  9. I’m a size 10-12 and I too have short hair. I have had short hair since 1995 (even when I used to be a size 5 back then). It always has looked great on me, no matter what my weight was or is.

  10. Who is complimenting you? I’m willing to bet it is mostly women.

    When I was 54, I learned women only cut their hair short to suit themselves. 99% of heterosexual men like longer-ish hair on a woman. I wore my hair short for 30 years. One day, a male friend ‘helpfully’ told me he’d always thought I was attractive except for my hairdo, which was too short for his taste (it was like yours in the photo), and told me most hetero men like women to look different from men. Of course I didn’t believe him, so I did some informal polling of men I knew. I asked 10 presumably hetero men and they all said the same thing. So I grew my hair long.

    Six years later, My hair is below shoulder length, and (surprise for me), very naturally curly (so I wash with conditioner only to eliminate frizz). I get it layer-cut to give it body. I get compliments and looks from men constantly, and have been told it makes me look younger. My husband tells me he ‘absolutely loves’ my hair long and to ‘never cut it off again’. Where was this kind of commentary when my hair was short? I am convinced now that women tend to dress for their own taste, and that includes hair styles. Short hair is heck of a lot easier to care for, and cute if you’re 5, and fine if you don’t want men to notice you. If you’re a heterosexual female, this kind of thing should matter to you because there is a TON of competition out there willing to make the sacrifice of wearing their hair longer and avoiding baggy, masculine clothing. There is a gender distinction in clothing for a reason. I also work at staying a size 6-8, after enduring obesity during my childhood, until I was 13, when I learned about and applied nutrition and exercise in my life.

    Don’t call me anti-feminist because I’ve run my own tech support company for 5 years with 5 men working for me, making a 6-figure income (a LOT more than my husband). Just saying that if you want a man in your life, the signals you broadcast ARE important. Men are highly visual. Show them the right sign, and they will heed it.

    1. wow nice condescending ton throughout your entire post. I am just now finding this in 2012 and you pissed me off quite well. good to know we are in 1955 and the world revolves around getting approval from MEN. i’m not calling you anti-feminist, i’m calling you a bitch.

  11. OMG, I’ve thinking cut my long long hair since forever, but I always self-tortured thinking “I’m going to look fatter”, but you’re right at all when you tel: how much of my fat does my hair really cover up?
    I’m going to the mattresses!!! i’ll pick a date, a haircut, a stylist (my habitué could die) and I’ll go to the mattresses!!!
    You have not idea how inspired I’m feeling for you, sincerely, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    p.d. sorry for my english, it’s not my language.

  12. I have exactly your face shape. We could be sisters. I have been toying with pixie idea for several months. You look gorgeous. Perhaps….I will look gorgeous….

    1. I think you will. And thank you for the compliment. I love my short hair. Really. It will never be long again!!!

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