Day 11 of the Electronic “Fast”

I thought this was going to be harder than it has been.  I am not sure my son would say the same thing.  Last Tuesday evening when my husband and I were out I did receive a text from my son that explained to me that he is not creative and has no imagination to continue NOT playing video games and watching TV.  I completely understand how he felt.  So far though, we are doing pretty well.  Jonah did tell me last night that we only have 19 days left. 

We are making  up the rules as we go along, but I incorrectly categorized our electronic “fast” as a “ban” last week and I wanted to clarify….we haven’t banned anything. 


  • In our house, no television and no video games.  The exception to that rule is on Friday, September 6. 
  • When at someone else’s house, their house rules apply.  If TV is okay, it is fine by me.
  •  Computers are okay as long as it is something creative like writing, photo editing, blogging, etc.
  • Phones are okay for communication purposes.

Lessons Learned

  • Without the electronics, we are eating more meals together at the TABLE.
  • The kids are finding books they enjoy reading.
  • Toys are being rediscovered!
  • We are playing family games.
  • Homework is less of a chore to get finished.  Even the extra credit is done by the end of the day. 
  • The park across the street is their newly discovered favorite place to be.
  • There are things that the parents can do with out TV too.  😉
  • Nothing like a good night sleep for the whole family.  Who said 8:30 is too early to sleep?
  • Samir and I have a tendency to try to go through our family time as quickly as possible to get to the television and “relax.”  Not to mention that “Breaking Bad” is hardly RELAXING!!  This is teaching us to be more mindful while we are together.
  • Need something to do?  Pack your own lunch for tomorrow!




30 Day Fast

Today is the first day of our 30 Day Family Fast.  Not a fast from food, and goodness not a fast from wine, one from electronics.  I recognize that we’ll need to modify the rules as we go, but for now it means no television (including you tube), no video games, no Nintendo DS and (according to the kids) NO FUN for 30 days.  There are a ton of reasons we are doing this but to list a few here they include.

  1. Our focus needs to be on school and getting organized.
  2. We have a limited amount of time together, it would be nice to actually see each other when we are home.
  3. Video games and TV shouldn’t replace the desire to read and do well in school….unfortunately, we’re gonna have to force it a bit. 
  4. The grown-ups are constantly complaining about not enough time to do things around the house we need to do….cut TV and we hope to have more time.
  5. We have a million board games we need to break in.

Wish us luck on our adventure.  I think it is fair to say we are all a little scared and excited at the same time. 



Electronics Hell

How many cords do you need to travel to france???

I borrowed a DVD player from friend.  Noticed that the AC adapter for the wall charger was missing, so, I decided, surely the igo would sell a tip to convert and charge it at the airport.  I then visited my neighbors.  They were taking us to the airport this morning so I thought we should discuss departure time.  During the discussion, B mentioned she has an igo as well, it has a huge charger with all sorts of cords and such.  I thought, “Great, I’ll borrow hers and return mine…saves me some $$”  We woke up this morning frenzied, but not too crazy.  S dropped us off at O’Hare, we made it through screening with not one single problem.  As I was putting the laptop back in the bag I realized…..I forgot the laptop charger.  AGHHHHH.  WTF??!!  So we made it to our gate, I took the sack of igo cords and pieces and went to Brookstone.  They do not sell an igo tip to go with the laptop or with the DVD player.  So, here I am, completely panic struck.  What am I going to DO?  I finally decide to by an igo laptop charger.  $89 later I am sitting in the flight waiting area and I decide to charge the itouch.  Well, the little tips I do have don’t fit on the apparatus that the neighbor gave me.  Not only that, but I left the itouch wall charger where??  That’s right folks, plugged into the WALL at home.  So, I have the laptop issue figured out, I now have to buy another converter to plug into the laptop to charge the phone and Nintendo.  What about the DVD player you might ask?  Not only does it not have a wall charger, but the charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car is broken.  I should have stuck with my first instinct and focused on charging things in case we have no wall power.  But, I got all sidetracked with cords, power and buttons.  As I sit here on the plane $100 poorer with no good solutions, I am reminded that the kids can actually draw or read if they get too bored.  It is a good thing too, cause I forgot the DVD case at home anyway.  Here is a photo of just some of the cords and attachments I have.  Mind you, they don’t work.

p.s. Luckily Big Sister is sent some DVDs to us via the grandparents 🙂