Some people hate fat people

No, not me, but I got my first hate post this week and it disturbed me.  From the violent tone to the assumptions the writer made about me.  I have been fortunate thus far to only come across positive and supportive words by the readers out there.  I guess though, that this is a reminder that “blogging” is public.  Freedom of speech is just that and I’ll just have to accept it.  In the meantime, I continue the blog with a bit of caution. 

Words can hurt.


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  1. If the hateful comment comes from someone I don’t know, and am never going to know, I don’t let it bother me. I used to get comments saying I should just die now, because my fat was going to kill me anyway. I’ve gotten comments going on and on and on about what a fat, disgusting pig I am. None of them were from people I knew, or would ever know, so their words don’t hurt me (however, if it was someone in my family saying that, it would hurt, just about as long as it took me to tell them where they could stick their opinion, and that I wouldn’t be seeing them anymore until they got a clue about how to treat me with respect).
    Those comments were the main reason I disabled anonymous comments on my blog (I had an anonymous commenter who checked the blogs I read and commented on and then came back and said I couldn’t blog anymore or comment on any other blogs until I lost weight). I decided I don’t have the time or the energy to deal with idiots who have nothing better to do than make other people miserable for spurious reasons. It’s why I don’t publish comments from trolls anymore. All they want is attention, and by not giving them what they want, I piss them off, which is better than me being mad or hurt.
    After all, they aren’t supporting me, financially or any other way, so how I live my life is none of their business, at all, ever.

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