Fat girls can’t wear pumps.

Have you ever played the game Apples to Apples?  Well, around the family game table at Christmas our family was playing.  The premise is this, you get a “hand” of 6 or so cards with something written on it.  It can be noun or verb.  I don’t think adjectives or adverbs…..anyway.  From the six you have to choose the best card–the one card that the person who is “it” would like.  

While I don’t remember the actual cards that were on the table that night, they were something like this:

 barf bag,  high heel shoes, pantyhose, and Hummers

I put the cards into the following order starting with the things I like: 

high heel shoes


barf bag


So my sister starts challenging the order of the cards, she is thinking I misunderstood or made a mistake.  Like, I should love barf bags more than high heels, or hummers for goodness sake.  My other sister starts defending my love of a little height in the shoe.  She knows I enjoy some lift on occasion.  I was curious about my one sister’s reaction.   At first, I thought it wasn’t okay for anyone to wear pumps, like she is a pump racist or something.  But as the conversation continued, I realized that she feels  “normal size” people can wear them, but it isn’t okay for any fat girl to wear pumps. 

It reminds me of what the goddesses of fat fashion say about dress buying.  (click there cause her talk of hiding the fatty bits here and there will make you laugh.)

I am so confused about this philosophy of “you are too big to wear ______”.  Okay, so I choose not to wear a mini skirt and bikini top to work.  But a pair of shoes?  How are shoes too flashy for the fat girl?  I have nice biker girl legs, I feel taller in them which gives me very good posture (of course I often fear walking on any newly polished surface, but that is another issue)  Frankly, I can’t wear Birkenstocks and Keens every day to work.  I try to be a professional some of the time and come on, slacks and Keens aren’t business attire.

I thought I would put it out there as a topic for discussion, and even let the sister know I have this blog so she can speak for herself.   Comments welcome  wanted.



  1. High heels go hand-in-hand with oxygen for my ‘full-sized’ self! There’s no way I can retain my “Fashionista Crown” and not have high heels attached to my killer assets (legs) most of the time! I’ve even got a shoe room… envy me! That’s right. I’ve dedicated an entire bedroom to clothes, and most of all, shoes. Most of these are high heels. Rather than let my weight dictate whether or not I should be wearing them, I’m letting age handle that notion. I’m 30, so I’m hoping for a long run. If Tina Turner can do it, so can I (god willing, of course)!

  2. Yes, you do enjoy a little lift. And while I’ve never really gotten into the heal thing, it’s because I don’t find them comfortable. I did, however, buy a pair of high wedges a few weeks ago… not entirely comfy, but SOOOOOO cute! And that’s what matters!

  3. I forgot all about this post. I do want to clarify what I originally said and still feel the same way about today. “I” do not think certain woman of gerth look good in a higher heal. Absolutely no opinion on what people should or should not wear cause quite frankly it doesnt matter to me as long as it doesnt effect my well being. 🙂 BUT I was having a conversation where I shared my thoughts on this topic and I think I offended my sister who loves a beautiful shoe. That said, she looks great in what ever she wears, and I have picked up alot of fashion ideas from the great style that she has but I still dont dig fat chicks in heals. Thats “MY” opinion and not worth much in the fashion world. Oh PS Im the biggest gal in the family so Im allowed to use the expression fat chicks. ;P

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