what took you so long?

In 1997 my husband came to the us with little or no intention of staying.  He simply wanted to visit his newly married brother and see this land of so-called opportunity.  For him, it turned out to be just that.  13 years later and he is visiting cousins he had never ,et; aunts and uncles who have new spouses and children.  He is finally back in a country that speaks his native language only to discover that while he was acquiring english, some french was slipping away.  I am amazed we waited so long to visit.  Life gets in the way though…house repairs, bills, kids, activities and work take over.  Spending money to travel overseas seems frivolous. visiting family here has shifted from an after thought to a priority.  We will visit soon in shallah.  Here are some photos of family and A’s photo shoot.

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Barcelona – Day 1

We woke up late and missed the hotel breakfast.  Loaded up the cars, but I could only think of trying to drive a stick shift up that darn parking ramp.  I am telling you, this thing freaked me out.  We had a breakfast of café du lait and some meat pastries (don’t knock it till you tried it)  We then did the thing I absolutely HATE to do….we took a tour bus.  I was a bit reluctant at first, but then, since K was only going to be in Barcelona a day, it seemed like a good way for her to get an idea of the whole city.  Plus it seemed like a  good idea to help my family figure out the must see places for the 2 days we’ll spend there at the end of the trip.  The bus tour was long.  It was good to see everything, but it was a bit long for the kids and the adults.  We had a lovely Italian meal and headed back to the hotel.  I met the fear of the ramp head on.  We actually made it out of the city with only one turn down a one was street.  It felt like a resounding success.  We drove straight from Barcelona to the house just outside of Canet-en-
Rousillion.  The farm-house is amazing.  It has a rustic feel without roughing anything at all.  The kids immediately got on suits and jumped in the pool.  My sister and I headed on a journey for wine, beer and food only to get nothing.  Everything was closed.  We ended up at a vintner pizza restaurant and had mediocre meal, well, my dish was actually disgusting.  When we got home from the restaurant, this  little guy was waiting for me in the bathroom.  He is so CUTE.  I had to take another photo of him…and accidentally step on him and killed him.  

The cute little lizard I killed. (preying mantis memories again)


Nice.  The kids got to see the dead baby lizard in the bathroom.