Fundraising Continues…

I am obsessed with soliciting donations to the fun fair silent auction. See the local businesses that are donating items here. The thing is that I am not even on the committee. Oh well, I have been getting such a great response. Now I can’t stop. I’ve been contacting local Etsy crafters and artists. They have been awesome!

Each of these guys have agreed to donate something. Go to the links. Let’s make them see it’s worth it. Who wouldn’t want some of this stuff???

Brenda Abdullah Designs
make No Small Plans
Darren Thompson fine art
Love Felt Creations
Rebecca Plotnick Photography
Form Work(Irving Mom)
Uniquely Crafty
Aliz Mikesell Designs (oddly enough I went to high school with Alix)
Fresh and Modern Quilts
Berwyn Betty’s Bath Shop
Baking Cake
Me Wear A whopping $100 gift certificate!! (she went to Irving!!!!)
Nancy and Burt
Pinwheel Anna
Sew Collision
Crafty Chicks
Polda Pop Designs She’s trying to draw hits to her new blog!
Pigs in Scarves
The White Iris Boutique
Sunshine Corner
The Littlest Owl
Dream Attic
Mindsimedia (another Irving alumnus)

Now I’m losing money. I just had to buy this from the shop. Soooo cute!


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