Couple of Saturday’s ago, I was lucky to meet up with another Etsy artist, Lesa Davis who has a textile art business called No Small Plans.  She was nice enough to travel from Rogers Park to hand deliver her carefully crafted textile to me for the school silent auction.  My daughter and I invited her to enjoy breakfast with us at The Buzz.  I was so proud to share this special place with her.  The Farmer’s Market band was playing (and not too loud for my aging ears), there were nice works of art all over the walls, many familiar faces.  Davis is an artist by night but a biological anthropologist by day. (I didn’t even know that was a profession) She teaches classes at Northeastern with titles like Skeletons in Chicago’s Closets, Forensic Anthropology and Field Museum Research.  She researches bones and joints in different primates, including the ever adorable tamarin. My daughter, the hopeful veterinarian LOVED talking with her.

We talked yarn, beads, and the importance of art.  I dropped her off at A Bead in Hand so she could see a bit more of our Arts District and put some of Oak Park in her next work.  I hope you’ll buy something from her. Her work is beautiful.  As you can see…

Better yet bid on her donated art.  (website coming soon)


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