When my son was 6 months old I had to drop him at a near-stranger’s house to watch him while my husband and I went to work.  His little man-faced self was already pushing to stretch is circle of influence.  The daycare provider we chose was recommended to us by some of our closest friends.  These many years later, our families have surpassed a professional relationship and developed a friendship. Her son and mine are soul swore cousins who can’t wait to be in Jr. High together next year.  We revisited that professional relationship for a second last week when I took my nephew to her house,  I handed him over to Christy, much like I had mine.   His little 3 month old self was beginning a journey that my children laid the groundwork for over 10 years ago.  My ever expanding community is amazing.  My sister lives a short walk from me.  There are days I believe my life is exactly how I hoped it would be.

The boys, best friends, or cousins as they tried to convince me when they were younger.

Here they are a little older than before. I believe a 3rd birthday party…

Here they are at 10 and 11. Silly little men.

Waiting for chaos

Not sure what I was thinking but this weekend the U of E clan descends on the lake house. The weekend I planned the event was beautiful. The weather was just amazing. I decided to throw the invite out to the whole group knowing full well most wouldn’t be able to make it. To my surprise, everyone is available. Rainy forecast to boot. It’s okay though, we’ll bring stuff to occupy the kids and they’ll occupy each other to a certain extent. Here’s hoping they still find each other as charming as they did this summer!!!


New language new girls

Those who know me well know i can’t stand meeting new people. I know it sounds crazy but ugh…the pressure. So tonight I am super proud of myself for going out with some new folks. To say that we spoke the same language wouldn’t really be right. I returned home and had to look up schwa and French Laundry. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have to look up the word “who@!”. I laughed hard enough to hurt a bit and got watery eyed over kiddie tales. But the old song remains true….
“make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is…probably a who@!”

Progressive Appetizers and Drinks, 5 houses, 5 hours, 10 friends!!

I have always housed a bit of envy for tight knit little neighborhoods where people spend time together, raising children, eating and drinking together.  I guess I imagine the smalls subdivisions of my youth with the swimming pools their center (in which I never lived).  Last summer I was pleasantly surprised when hundreds of my closest neighbors enjoyed a movie in the park across the street.  That evening, I snuck out with a few fellow parents for a mini spontaneous wine tasting.  The idea of a travelling appetizer and drinks evening was born.  5 homes in five hours.  Little bites and cocktails at each one.  Fellow blogger and neighbor Virtual Farm Girl blogged about the evening already and is going to compile a list of the recipes.   The food was amazing. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have such talented drinking friends.  Our kids got along fabulously and so did the grownups.  My husband passed out a 10 and I was right behind him.  I hurt so much the following day, but what a great night.  I would kill for the empanadas and soup right now.