Month: March 2011

One more test cake

Don’t be afraid sister. This was a sleepover cake.


Date Night Horrible

Husband and I had an unexpected and welcome chance to go out for a date.   It has literally been months since our last date, just the two of us.  It used to be we’d go out all of the time, but the past few months we’ve been much more home and neighborhood bound.  So, I dusted off the printer, and processed some Groupons I had bought a while ago.  I found one to a local restaurant/watering hole.  When we arrived a sandwich board outside said is was karaoke and $1 well drinks.  How bad could that  be, we’d have some drinks, apps and dinner.  Well the spinach and artichoke dip tasted like pork….not a good fit for husband dear.   The lobster alfredo tasted like fish mac and cheese.  Super disgusting.  We sent the fish mac back and got a filet sandwich.  That tasted more like  a salt lick and was earthy in a bad way.  My blackened chicken was okay, not even really okay.  The pasta as heinous.  That said, the service was awesome and the cocktails were good.  But, I won’t be eating at the velvet rope again.

14 inches may just be too big

My first failed cake happened this weekend. I won’t be doing a layer that big. It did eventually cook, but suffered as it tried to be set free. I put the whole thing in a king sized Tupperware container and the kids ate fistfulls of it all weekend. In their minds a resounding success. One more thing…what idiot decides to tear down a wall weeks before a wedding cake? Oh yeah, that’d be me.

New language new girls

Those who know me well know i can’t stand meeting new people. I know it sounds crazy but ugh…the pressure. So tonight I am super proud of myself for going out with some new folks. To say that we spoke the same language wouldn’t really be right. I returned home and had to look up schwa and French Laundry. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have to look up the word “who@!”. I laughed hard enough to hurt a bit and got watery eyed over kiddie tales. But the old song remains true….
“make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is…probably a who@!”