D Day Final Thought

As I begin to make this cake that I unwittingly agreed to bake post many glasses of wine, I feel the need to honor the moment.  She has been a force to recon with my whole life, from the early days of delivering tutti fruiti underwear to each other, playing bozo the clown card games with grandma and driving rock cars in the backyard, my sister has been one of my closest companions.  We haven’t gone without our share of troubles, but we have been unshakable partners in crime.  My sister and future brother in law are fortunate to have found each other at just the right time.  I am so happy that she is going to get the opportunity to share her life with someone and experience the joys (and not) of marriage.  I welcome her now into the family of married people.  We are happy, insane and complete in ways we weren’t before.  I love you.  A lot.


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