Monty goes to Jail

So this new dog we got is cute as can be, clever and sweet.  We let him hang out in the backyard tied up so he can’t get loose.  He LOVEs it.  Well, apparently something got his attention and he got loose.  My husband runs upstairs to tell me he can’t find the dog.  I am like…What???  How in the hell do you lose a dog.  So, I dressed and started the venture around the neighborhood looking for this frigging dog wondering how I am going to explain to the kids that our new family member is GONE!!  When I get back home, my husband is on the phone.  He has decided to call 911!!  WTF?  I really thought he was insane.  Here is the kicker.  I actually drove to the police station because animal control reportedly picked up a black medium sized dog.  Animal control specialist Jason had my Monty in his van…..or should I say…..prison.  When he opened the van doors, Monty wouldn’t even look at me.  He KNEW he was in trouble.  So, thanks to the many neighbors who called the police and the man down the street who kept him in the backyard for a bit….we are very very very lucky to still have Monty.  BAD DOG MONTY!!!


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