Tales of Avis in a foreign land

After the castle we made it back to the house. Samir and I started cooking kebabs for the family dinner. At about 6:00 I started to wonder when the rest of my family would return from their adventures. I finally txted my dad who told me that his car had broken down on in Perpignan and he was having problems reaching AVIS. I immediately got into the car and started to drive to meet him. I called and apparently, he had been told by a gas station person that the fuel he was using was Diesel when in fact, it wasn’t. I was running low on gas myself, but felt a sense of urgency to get them. I arrived where their car was and posted a stupid note in preschool French that basically said, “this car is broken. We’ll return tomorrow.” We couldn’t tell if the car would be towed. We talked with a guy in the parking lot who helped us at least call AVIS in Barcelona. Eventually we got online and learned that there is an AVIS at the airport that stays open till 10:00. So, we decided to go there, after I fueled. It seemed that we drove forever and when we finally did find a station to fuel, I drove in the wrong direction, had to turn around, people we staring at me like I was crazy. Finally we got in the right way, but the macing wouldn’t take my credit card. By this time there are like 20 cars in line. I finally asked the lady behind us to help us out. We tried every credit card we had to no avail. I asked the lady if I could pay her the cash if she would use her card. She agreed. Gased and ready to go we make it to the airport and there was no one at the AVIS rental place, but there was a phone number. I called and explained to the woman that the car was broken down and we didn’t know what to do. She told us to come into the central AVIS station the next day. We want home, ate and slept fitfully that night. The next day we went into Perpignan center again and got a new car. She tried to give daddy a much bigger car, but memories of the narrow streets had us begging for something small. What an adventure.


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