Help, I’m sleeping and I can’t get up!!

We can’t seem to get enough sleep.  I am not entirely certain that it is just jet lag at this point.  We all keep sleeping.  Samir and I slept until 12:30.  That is certainly a first for the two of us together.  I can’t tell you how.  The beds are wonderful and the windows are open with a cool Mediterranean breeze.  Delightful.  Once up, we spent the day at the pool swimming, laughing any playing around.  At one point grandpa was swimming with a green noodle around his body and he kept pretending that it was a snake.  He was saying “snake snake”  I laughed so hard until I realized he was pointing to an actual baby snake in the pool.

snake snake

  (I didn’t step on him)  We got him out.  At 4 we left for Samir’s aunt’s house.  His family is amazing.  So kind and welcoming.  We met 3 aunts, 2 of their husbands, and some cousins.  Karima made the most amazing couscous with chicken beef and vegetables that I have ever had.  That was followed with local grapes and other fruits.  It was a wonderful meal. It was exciting to see Samir with his family laughing and telling old stories. 

We bid farewell to them, returned home to prepare for the next day.


We were supposed to wake up and leave by 9.  That was impossible.  The drive there was a little longer than we planned.  We got turned around a bit, but saw some wind surfers and other things along the shore.  Carcassonne was beautiful.  The castle and cathedral were amazing and the village reminded me of Mount Saint Michelle which I visited my last trip to France in the 80s.  Jonah bought a wooden sword which he quickly decided was not the best purchase.  He moped for the rest of the day in the village.  Aida opted for a little shell necklace.  The lunch we had I have nicknamed poo poo a la bouche.  Nough said.

We grilled out that evening and celebrated grandpa’s birthday.  Two of the aunts joined us to celebrate and spent the night laughing and telling stories.  Fabulous!!!

Photos coming soon. Problems with uploads.


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