Things you shouldn’t do on April 2nd

I couldn’t stand the idea of the 6 mile run hanging over my head all weekend.  Despite the fact that there was 3/4 of a bottle of wine missing from the night before, I woke up this morning and decided to get the 6 miles behind me.  There were….errors along the way.  Here they are not in any order of importance:

  1. Don’t be an idiot and drink anything but water the night before a long run.
  2. Dont wear running sweatpants the hottest day of the year.   There is a fire warning out there for goodness sake.
  3. Don’t eat two pancakes and drink a cup of coffee before you run.
  4. Don’t stay up till 3 am the night before.
  5. Don’t forget your inhaler.
  6. Don’t forget sunscreen, cause by 9:00 your skin will be burnin’.

I did finish, my slowest run yet, but I missed K and P horribly.  Even though I have a policy to not talk during my runs, their company is welcome and was missed. 

Now on to an afternoon of hiking at Spring Mill.  There are friends who are clamoring for some mill ground corn meal. 

Beautiful southern Indiana.   Yay.

Leonard Springs, Photo by Bob Ostermeier

 Can’t wait to hit Upland Brewery later!!


One comment

  1. Honey, I have done every single of those things WAY more than once — and WAY more than I like to admit! 🙂

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