We look great

sitting around the table on a late Friday night with the gals (and guy) from my past, dissing politics and singing some tunes.  We all are sitting here thinking about how brilliant we all really are.  I mean, we can frame and argument like no others.  Bring on the science and data babe, I am there with you.  Social justice issues are some of the most prevalent conversations of the evening.  What is clear to me though is this…..we are drunks.  Period. Notable quotes of the evening include “you look like death walking.” “Is there actually a beer left?” “We really need to do New York.”  ” There are totally more children in foster care than are in loving families.”  “Where were you birthed?”

I am looking at a table of perhaps 7 empty bottles of wine (not to mention of the empty bottles of beer).  At least the buttons and widgets I put up don’t affect the “whole wide world”.


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