Revisiting the Mantra in 2009 + More on my short fat haircut

1/2 year into this blog thing. I’ve had 5500 visits. Many repeats, some newbies, some meanies, some people curious about health at every size, but most people curious about my short fat haircut.  I’ve learned that many of us out there who fall into this thinking that–

“Because I am fat I can’t _______ (fill in the blank)” 

When I started the blog last year, I spent a long time thinking about my mantra. I was new to this thinking, new to actually accepting who I am.  I wrote this little ditty, MY MANTRA! 

  • I am not how much I weigh or how much I’ve gained or how much I’ve lost.
  • I am not what I eat…I’m what I do and what I say.
  • Changing my shape and size isn’t going to make me happy.
  • Changing the way I feel about my body/myself will.
  • I respectfully decline to discuss your size, my size, her size or his size in any way.
  • I will eat what I want, and move on.
  • I swim, bike, or run every day…being healthy doesn’t mean being thin.
  • I embrace my body as a part of me.

I still believe those words.  I’ve been a little lax on the swim, bike run thing.  But, I am working my way back up to more than 3 times a week. 

As I go into 2009 here are some things I am thinking about and some things I want to work on.

1.  I want to do things that help my health. 

2.  I want to work out and I want to have more conscious eating experiences.

3.  I want to talk to people more about losing weight about how it makes people feel both losing and gaining. 

4.  I want to rock the shopping world by confronting shops and stores who don’t have clothing for people who look like me.

5.  I want to have fun at the events I do (triathlons and other competitions)

6.  Finally, I want to write about the things that inspire you, make you feel less alone, make you laugh or simply make you make fun of me.

 Here’s to 2009..keeping it short and sassy!


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