Virginia Eastern Shore Cyclists….there is a GREAT Coffee shop in Pungoteague

What a wonderful day we had cycling today.  The temperature dropped overnight and the sky was completely cloudy.  In fact it sprinkled on and off throughout the 47 mile day.   We started off with a home cooked breakfast at the B & B in Onancock.  We cycled and cycled from Wachaprague to Quinby and then over to Pungoteague.  For those of you who know my father and I, we LOVE coffee.  Imagine our suprise when we start the trip from Harborton to Pungoteague and see a small coffee shop off to the left.  I can’t explain the excitement that we felt.  So, we went in to the shop and met the owner, Amy and her neighbor, little Bridget.  For all of you bikers out there…this is the place to go. 

Here is a photo of the shop:

And a photo of Amy:

This is a place not to miss, the coffee is fantastic and the service…wonderful.


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