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Tip and Paddle

My last post triggered a trip down memory lane to earlier athletic endeavors.  The summer before my sophomore year of high school I talked my girlfriend N into signing up for a boundary water canoe trip through our church camp outside of Ely, Minnesota.  The humor in this is that no matter what N and I did together while growing up, we ALWAYS got into trouble.   My mother adored her, but would cringe at the thought of us together because we lost all sense of sound decision-making.  Memories of this have faded over the years, but here are a few: 

  • I believe we canoed over 70 miles that trip.  
  • We drank, swam and bathed from the same water. 
  • N and I often went together to the pine box so that we could sneak cigarettes. 
  • All of the food was dehydrated and it tasted like it was dehydrated. 
  • A camper brought a bottle of Freon (good GOD what was he thinking…there goes the ozone) so that we could have ice in our drinks a couple of times during the trip. 
  • We took communion with pita bread and grape Kool Aid. 
  • We had to carry these gargantuan backpacks stuffed with all of our crap, they had to fit in the canoes. 
  • The one time N and I set up our own tent, it rained that night and we woke up in a puddle, (cigarettes drenched)
  • Not one fellow camper wanted to get in the canoe with me, cause, I tended to tip it over.  (cigarettes drenched)
  • On an especially windy day, I remember shouting to the world while slapping the lake with my paddle “Lake Agnes is a Bitch”  The fellow Christain campers and counselors chuckled despite the profanity!   Here is a topo map of the dear Lake Agnes in case you ever want to experience her windy wavy freezing hell. 

Here is a topographic map of the area that includes Lake Agnes.

I recently looked at the Indiana United Methodist Church camps, looks like you can still register to go back up to the area.


Feeling groovy.

What?  I know, crazy title.  I try to keep up with catchy phrases and sometimes flop (see example above)  So, the training continues.  I can’t believe I am still in one piece.  The icy cold blasting 5 mile run of a couple of weeks ago seems like a century ago.  I really felt the cold and struggled again to breathe, but we made it in one piece and were able to bloody mary celebrate afterward which made the entire thing worth it.  Then on to the rest of the week…sunday off  (hangover).  Monday, run outside solo (so boring I thought I would die) but was met by neighbors at the end of the ride with chicken tortilla soup and a margarita.  So very nice.  Tuesday, swim (getting boring)  Wednesday, evening 5 K run that was heinous beyond all measure.  K totally went off on the “coaches” and I think we were both just short of bailing.  Luckily we got a bit of a pep talk from the trainer who had let us down earlier with all of his talk of “LEAVE NOTHING ON THE PATH DURING THIS 5K”.  “YOU SHOULD BE TIRED AFTER THIS!” I am thinking….duh, I am tired walking to the car, let alone running a 5 k with a bunch of crazies in February on the Chicago lakefront.

Anyhoo, we made it.  Thursday, swim (yawn).  Friday, Saturday off then a 6 miler on the lakefront Sunday.  Fabulous fun run.

The mid-week run is tomorrow morning.  I am hopeful this one is better than the last.  My body is taking a beating here.

Roller Derby….lite???

I haven’t been on skates since college.  One afternoon during finals week, some girlfriends and I were stressed.  I called around to some local skate rinks only to find that they were all closed.  I finally called over to a rink in Henderson, KY just across the state line and lo and behold, the good people at Skateway USA let the 5 of us skate for free that afternoon.  So yesterday, to carry on the tradition of skating that was started 2 decades ago, I decided to sign up for roller derby lite.  I have no idea what I am getting myself into.  I bought gear from Sin City Skates online yesterday.  Paid the gazillion dollars to register and am anticipating the first class on the 11th.  What the heck am I thinking?  I don’t even know the rules.

Here is Skateway USA:


I received an e-mail from the guys at Run Chicago see earlier article He says….”what sizes do you want!!!”  Ladies, send me your sizes, tops, bottoms and Enell (0r other bra preferences.) 

I want to get him the information and then blast the world with the fact that he listened, he bought, and we will purchase from him based on his selection and his interest in US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll see if he’ll track the purchase power we have.  Tell him you heard about him here!  Like I say, this is a REVOLUTION.