Day 20-Electronic Fasting

So far so flexible.  Like many things, that’s just how we have to roll.  The kids had a day off from school.  Jonah had all of his homework done, (he’s gotten A’s on everything so far), he read, he played outside, he practiced soccer, he played with his sister…I let him have some time on the Xbox.  We had had a meltdown the night before and realized this was a main way to stay in touch with his BFF who just moved to California.  This adjustment to the new school year, new friend hierarchy (pecking order) has been pretty hard for him.  I let him play online.  We also gave the kids an option for a family evening.  1.  play games or 2. watch a movie.  The movie won out.  

We have made some decisions moving forward on our fast.

  1. We’ll continue to restrict, if not eliminate, TV and video games during the week.
  2. We’ll open up weekends to some level of use.
  3. The kids and I go to sleep pretty early.  Once we’re in bed, it is all bets off for my husband.  He can do what he wants, the caveat is that I don’t want him complaining about not having enough time to get things done!
  4. Our 30 full day fast ends on the 25th which is a Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of the week.  We’ll end the fast the 22nd.

Till next time!!


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