Ruff Stuff–Mom and Girl Date

My girl and I have been meaning to take some time, just the two of us to do something special. A friend and colleague of mine told me about a dog game show that we might like to attend. Her dog Scruffy, would be a contestant. The show is called Life’s Ruff and is part of the Dog Saving Network. My girl and I had a blast. She was called up to the stage a few times during the performance to be a contestant with the dogs. I thought she was going to freak out, but she was cute as ever. The dogs were amazing. They had a cartoon sketch artist there to draw pictures of your pooches. We of course had one made….photo to come.
They talked to us about Positive Reinforcement Training for the dogs. I know we don’t do this at our house, but my girl, determined to get Monty and Clementine into the show had me shop for treats, a treat bag and she designed a training booklet to track the dogs’ progress. We almost came home with this guy. She told me she’d give up Budget if we could take him home. Oh yeah, and his name is Chaos. 160 pound of just what we need…..

Training book cover she designed for the dogs.

Devoted dog lover and her sweet talented Scruffy.

My sweet girl and the prize she really wants from the day. Meet Chaos. He’s up for adoption. A 2 year old victim of a bad divorce.


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