Girl and the Goat Birthday

Last week was my birthday.  I made reservations three months ago for a table of 10 at my favorite Chicago restaurant…Girl and the Goat.  Not a newbie to the place, I knew what to expect, but I absolutely loved sharing the meal with some of my favorite people in the world.  It was so much fun.  We sat Chef side, I got photos with her (crush) and she signed my menu.  Highlights of the meal for me were, as usual, the vegetables.  I can’t believe how she can make such mouth bursting flavors.  I also loved the meats, but I would go back for the veggies.  Oh, and the chocolate cake with pate (don’t knock it till you try it) was incredible.

My favorites:

  •  sauteed green beans (fish sauce vinaigrette . cashews)
  •   pan fried shishito peppers (parmesan . sesame . miso)
  •   roasted cauliflower (pickled peppers . pine nuts . mint)

We also had:

  • kohlrabi salad . (fennel . evalon . toasted almonds . blueberries . ginger dressing)
  • roasted beets (green beans . white anchovy . avocado creme fraiche . bread crumb)
  • wood grilled broccoli (rogue smokey bleu . spiced crispies)
  • diver scallops (braised duck . marcona almond butter . green papaya . green almond nuoc cham
  • Wood Fired Walter’s Chicken (yuzu harissa, fried pickles, brussel slaw, grilled naan)
  • Crisp Braised Pork Shank (butternut-shiitake kimchee, buttermilk dressing)



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