It’s Been a Long Time Friend

Good friends of ours, P four, moved away last year and really made me mad.  She is frustrating on so many levels, I have often posted that she is one of these rock star moms that does everything.  Honestly, I am not exaggerating, just some of the items include soccer mom, soccer team manager, Tae Kwon Do student, runner, part time worker, chef, wife, personable and generally kick ass.  In between all of this, she has time to drum up arts and crafts like her colorful string wrapped sticks from that she and her family harvested from her parent’s yard.  I joked that she’ll soon get sheep or plant cotton to make her own string.

I decided that though I loathe her perfection, we needed to hook up on our little weekend trip to Wisconsin.  We ended up having a complete blast.  Between too many bottles of Spotted Cow, 15 slices of home made (of course) pizza each, Kopp’s burgers and frozen custard, cheese, crackers, inspiring tear tugging stories, beach walking and reconnecting with sorely missed friends, I can’t think of a better way to start our little adventure.  Thanks Pettit’s!  We’ll be back in the summer.



  1. Near the breaking point at all times, I tell you! These little things I do are actually calming to me, and what keep me from snapping most of the time. I’m glad you were able to visit on your way up north, and I cannot wait for the next time. I’m so happy we know you guys.

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