Erin Gets a Haircut: Go Team Cheetah

A couple of weeks ago (pre wedding) I went out for drinks (shocking) and met a super cool gal (Erin)

Erin pre haircut
Erin is the cute short-haired one on the left. The unfriend is in the middle. (you know I am kidding right?)

with my not so cool friend Steve.  She proved to be really nice and quite witty, like most of Steve’s friends (what happened to Steve, we’ll never know).  Flash forward to a few weeks later when she posts on Facebook that she got this wicked haircut.  I can’t tell you how cute it is, so I will show you here.  She came to the wedding celebration with wedding crasher (not my sister’s friend) Steve with her cute new do.  She mentioned that as she was poking around the interwebs she found my website.  My short fat haircut inspired her trip to the salon.  Erin, you look amazing, you are amazing.  I may just have a girlcrush.  Good luck on your Team Cheetah fundraising endeavors for the AIDS ride.


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