How Fragile….

Sadly, my niece lost her cat, Shadow this week. Nothing earth shattering happened when she passed, she just quickly became sick and passed away. I lost a cat to kidney failure around this time 4 years ago and then his wife  a year later. No one prepares you for how hard it is to lose a pet. Even my son, who was never much of an animal lover in the first place, had a surprisingly hard time with our cat dying. He would cry in bed telling me how much he missed  Madison. I told him that Madison would always be with us. I told him to close his eyes and imagine Madison in his mind. He would get excited and say, “I SEE him mommy, I SEE him.” Facebook reminds that I know people–friends, acquaintances and colleagues who are in the midst of losing family, friends and pets every day. Within a 4 block radius I can think of a mom, friend, sister, dog, cat, hamster, aunt, and grandparent that is dying or has recently died.  I hope that when you call upon your loved one, they remain vibrant in your mind’s eye.   I am thinking of you, especially during this time of year, when feeling sad doesn’t necessarily fit the season. Nothing prepares you for these feelings. Wail and embrace the feelings, grief is a special gift of its own in a way.  If you’d like to share a photo or words, I am happy to post.

I specifically thought of you while writing this:

Lisa C., Libby T., Sarah D., Dee B., Kathy O., Linda O, Cindy H., Janice H., Jessica M., Amy A., Cynthia C., Gwyn A., Lynette F., Steve M., Kamal R., Kathy and Jimmy, Lisa S., Holly W., Sabrina B., Mark K., Laurie A., Orla P., Mark P., Khadija B., Ellen G., Amy C., Anna H.


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  1. WOW-I have been crying more lately than ever-thanks for making me cry again 🙂 ….Thinking of my Dad (Pop) and my baby-Chance (our dog of 9 years)-all part of the grieving process.

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