I totally have the fattest shortest haircuts

I have mentioned before that the search terms that consistently bring in the highest traffic on the blog have to do with the short fat haircut.  I have tinkered with the idea of finding other fatties with short hair to promote.  Some people probably wouldn’t appreciate it if I approached them by saying, “hey, I have a blog and like to feature fat women with short hair, can I take your photo??”  So I thought I’d whip out the google and give it a test drive.  I typed in “fat, short, haircut” in the search bar and clicked on images to get the results.  I am BLOWN away with my own fame.  All I have to say is,  I have the fattest ass and shortest hair around!!!!



  1. That’s how I found this site! I googled “pixie haircut fat” lol I think it’s awesome. You’re the only one that showed up that isn’t bone skinny. I think I have enough courage now to go get mine cut….Im so nervous, lol.

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