It’s not what you’ve seen…it’s who you’re with

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Years ago my friend Lynette met her future husband. It is a small world that his family is from a small village (Maurielles) in France which is also where Samir’s aunt lives. We slept here last night with plans to head out to Barcelona this morning. After such a lovely evening and a very comfortable bed, I realized that it’s not as important to visit many corners of Barcelona as it is to spend time with family. The kids are happy as clams watching films, swimming in their pool and playing with the thousands of toys Samir’s family has bought them. In addition, we are so fortunate to have been able to have Lynette over for dinner last night. She is spending the week at her husband’s families’ house. What an odd mix of cultures we had at the table…Chinese soup, french cheese and wine, spanish beer and a swiss tart. At the table sat a french, phillippine, vietnamese, american and a moroccan. True melting pot. This is the last day we’ll spend in France. Tomorrow we’re off to Barcelona to prepare for our Friday morning flight. Here are some photos of the house and the beautiful day. We’re off to the sea for a meal and then a little shopping.


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