Well our bags are nearly packed…

I am hoping I don’t need this and can return this and the 3 adapters, but just in case….

Yesterday as I was putting the idea of the bags together I realized I have these Leap Pad electronic books that will be great for A to use on the plane.  All I needed was a couple of the books and cartridges.  Took a drive down to Toys r us and was shocked.  They don’t even make that older version of the leappad anymore.  I couldn’t believe it.  Is it true that I was shopping for these things 6  years ago?  Where did the time go?  So, I may not be taking these things on the plane, I have lost way too many of the cartridges to make it worth carrying the them on the plane.  That doesn’t mean that we’ll be traveling light at all.  How many gizmos does it take to go to Europe?  I’ll tell you, about 9 million.  Not only that, but I spent a good deal of the day wondering how I am going to keep the things charged.  I called Delta to see if they have outlets on in coach.  Apparently, we hit the jackpot on the way there.  OUTLETS.  The way home it is unclear because Delta hasn’t updated their entire fleet.  I am hopeful we can get seats with chargers.  Just in case, I needed a solution to the inevitable power drain of movies and games.  Since I didn’t plan this far enough in advance, I couldn’t do any bargain shopping.  I stopped in at Radio Shack and bought an igo.   With the igo, I bought an adapter for the ipod, the nokia/blackberry and the nintendo ds.  Here’s what we are taking for the plane:

  • A wealth of apps downloaded onto the itouch
  • 2 additional ipods with kid movies, spongebob, chowder and other silly shows
  • Maze books
  • puzzle books
  • books
  • bendaroos
  • travel games
  • coloring books
  • markers
  • colored pencils
  • paper
  • journals
  • portable dvd player
  • laptop
  • we’ve also decided to bring snacks, it sounds like there might not be as many snacks on international flights as their used to be

I am really getting excited.  Oh, the items listed here are just for the plane.  I haven’t even mentioned the camera, camera charger, tom tom and other things that require power.  No wonder we use 80 percent more energy than our neighbors.  For Christmas I need a solar back pack.



  1. Have a blast! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. And find out what you couldn’t live without and what you would have left at home. Ha — we are going over with the boys in a month and I could really use some advice. All I know, is I’m trying to book the latest flight I can so we can (hopefully) get some R&R. I know — it’s only a month away — and we haven’t even booked our flight. Yikes.

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