Big Sister Pumps

This isn’t going to be some gushing prose detailing the flawless characters that make up my family.  I am the middle of three sisters, each of us more different from the next.  My older sister, who I have mentioned a couple of times on the blog  commented on an a post of mine  from the past about fat girls wearing pumps.    I am not quite as pump wearing as I once was, but I have worn a certain pair of Jambo wedges all summer long.   I appreciate that she shares and opinion with me.  Sometimes we don’t agree, but that’s okay too as long as she knows I am right.



  1. Okay… so most big ladies can pull off heels. I’ve seen some beyond-amazonian sisters that DEFINITELY rock some flashy shoes.

    But I saw something yesterday on the blue line platform that I cannot let slip by… a large woman wearing kitten-heeled thong sandals who looked like her heels might slide off and/or she might topple over. It could not have been comfortable, and it definitely looked wrong.

    But in general, I’m in agreement. My legs (from the knee down, at least) are hands down my best assets. So I’m not afraid of rocking some heels. I do, however, have similar fears of freshly waxed/wet/icy walking surfaces. And stairs for some reason.

    1. P.S. I’m almost 100% positive you were on the very same blue line platform yesterday at around 5pm… only travelling in the opposite direction. Next time I’ll try not to be too chicken sh*t to say “hi.”

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