Lazy is an understatment

I am old enough to know that what comes around goes around.  What I am continually surprised by are that life’s lessons seem to be on shuffle/repeat these days.  I go from doing a 10 mile run combined with months of training, to nothing….NOTHING.  I am not entirely sure of the reasons for this.   I stick with my usual “blame Kitty” for all of my workout blunders.  But, as the lather, rinse, repeat cycle continues, I wonder if there is something I could do to ramp up the interest in exercise.  What do you do to remain motivated?  Summertime should be the time when I am out doing laps around the track in the pool and living on my bike.  What is my problem?  All I want to do is enjoy the weather, wine and friends.  Then again, is that really a problem??


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