And the winner is…..ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t sleep Friday night.  I was tossing and tossing about in the sheets.  When I saw K, K and L the next morning it seemed we were all in the same boat.  The plan of action was this, K and I would start at about 6:30, head south on the path till we got to 51st street, or wherever the Garmin told us we had completed 5 miles.  We said goodbye to K and L and took off at our snails’ pace.  Honestly, the first few miles were so beautiful.  I don’t know what was different about the run, but I had no problems breathing and felt good.  I was very happy for my hat as the sun was baking hot.  We were the first people across the 5 mile timing pad which made me laugh pretty hard.  I was imagining someone at a computer wondering how the heck these two got there so fast, granted we passed it going the wrong way.  At the turn around, we started seeing other runners, we saw the leader and then 8,000 runners started to pass us.  Note to runners, the best way to get encouragement during the race is to be a fattie.  Many people took time out of their run to congratulate us and tell us how good we were doing.  Partially in shock I believe, I am sure there were some questions as to how we got there so fast.  We did finish the race!  It was exciting.  I felt like dying at the end and those last 2 miles sucked.  I was so happy that P our partner and friend who couldn’t do the run cause of an injury cheered us on went the last few miles with us.  Here are some shots of the day.

Lake View

8,000 runners getting ready to pass us


The girls

 I probably won’t do another long distance run like this.  I think 10 miles is a little too long for me.  Maybe some shorter runs like 10 K or others, but I never really know what’s in store for me, hanging around with this group of women, you just have to stay on your toes!!  One final shot from the day. 

Yum. Wishbone.



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